Monday, December 03, 2018

A good wisdom

I was thinking about this yesterday, as a result of a yard-long Snickers bar being posted on Twitter. I joked, "Is this the American version of 'you deserve the big Toblerone'?*"

And then I commented: "Just as I wish senpai would notice me, I wish someone would give me a big Toblerone with a note saying 'you deserve the big Toblerone'" (That was when I thought the biggest one was the 12-ounce one I sometimes see for sale; actually the big Toblerone is almost 10 pounds, which is more chocolate than I could eat in any reasonable length of time.

(*apparently a thing from an anime I've never seen, but I've seen many references to the joke.)

But yeah, I do feel like senpai never notices me ("senpai" = an older scholar in the Japanese school system; sometimes the kid who is the source of innocent crushes and who is looked up to). And then I thought of the old "Dog of Wisdom" bit from YouTube and so I then realized this:

("If senpai doesn't notice you, then maybe you are the senpai who needs to notice others")

And yeah, that's a good wisdom.

(But I still wish senpai would notice me.)

(And yes, I know, I do have strange chains-of-thought.)

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