Thursday, November 08, 2018

Roger did it

So I guess I will of those listicle things:

Available/Single?  Both, though it would take someone pretty special for me to change my mind about staying single; I've seen too many sad couple fights over things like "what brand of frozen French fries to buy" to believe being coupled is the solution to all of life's problems. (Heh. Maybe it's more like the cause of AND solution to all life's problems)

 Best Friend? I don't really have one. I have friends but as I've said before I'm leery of declaring someone my BEST friend because either (a) I am afraid they'd go "that's very nice but I don't think of you as MY best friend" and that would make me sad and (b) I don't want to make other friends sad because they're not BEST. (I've also seen in some circles "best friend" has become euphemism for "life partner" and I don't have one of those either)

Cake or Pie?  #TeamCake

Drink of Choice? Hot tea, different types depending on mood.

Essential Item You Use Everyday? Oh man, I don't know. I don't always remember to put on lipstick so it can't be that. I wear clothes every day, does that count?

Favorite Color? It varies with  my mood but either pink or green or maybe golden yellow

Gummy Bears or Worms? Back when I could eat such things, I'd go with worms, but dental work have ended most gummi for me.

Hometown? I grew up in a little town in Ohio called Hudson, but I've lived here now nearly as long as I lived there...

Indulgence?  Blind bag toys, yarn, books....

January or February? February, I guess, because my birthday falls in that month

Kids and Their Names? No kids. And I'm not going to try to reel off the names of my various stuffed animals...

Life is Incomplete Without? Books.

Marriage Date? Not married. Or are you talking about a date to take to someone's wedding? That would also be difficult for me.

Number of Siblings?  One

Oranges or Apples? Slight preference for oranges.

Phobias/Fears? Dental work, "eye stuff," claustrophobia, mild fear of unfamiliar dogs especially if they are aggressive...

Quote You Like? "Hold fast to that which is good; give no one back evil for evil."

Reason to Smile? sometimes my students say funny or profound things

Season? #TeamFall

Tag Three or Four People? I don't like being obligated to do stuff so I'm not gonna obligate anybody but if you want to do it after reading it, go ahead.

Unknown Fact About Me? Ah, man, I don't know....what wouldn't you know? That I was once attacked by a spruce grouse? That I broke my nose in a sledding accident years ago?

Vegetable You Don’t Like? Broccoli

Worst Habit?  I tend to be a perfectionist. I am also a slob. I am my own worst critic....I could keep going at this. I have a lot of "worst" habits.

X-Rays You’ve Had? Lots of dental ones, the nose when I broke it, an elbow when I broke it...

Your Favorite Food?Mmmmnnn....there are lots of things I like but right now that cabbage pancake thing is probably the thing I make for myself most often. Mashed potatoes are also a big favorite but seem like too much effort to make for one person.

Zodiac Sign? Pisces, like Roger is.

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