Tuesday, November 06, 2018

It finally lifted

Midday, while eating lunch, the headache finally went away. Here's hoping it stays away and it's not just the caffeine in the tea I drank keeping it at bay.

I have done a couple tasks, and maybe getting those off my plate helps:

- doing the monthly attendance-and-grade report. I didn't write the little "affirmations" they recommend we do for those earning high grades this time because I didn't have time (was doing it in a hurry before class) and also, you know? I don't often get affirmations when I work hard and honestly people who are on their way to being full-fledged adults better get used to living without praise all the time.

- Graded the homeworks I didn't have the energy to do yesterday

- Sent off my swap box (which was a fun thing except I got behind one of those "Oh, and just one more thing" people in line and it took about 10 minutes to get to the front) and a little gift for someone who is going through some rough stuff. I ponied up for Priority Mail which is expensive, but it's kind of amazing to me that they can get something from here to the East Coast in two days - both boxes are due to arrive Thursday.

- I am typing up the minutes from last week's AAUW meeting and I may also need to drive out to the field site for tomorrow just to be sure it's not under water. Or maybe I check the lake level online and compare it to an online map....it's about a 40 minute round-trip out there and I do need to pick up a few more snap-traps and also do more cleaning at home...

- I also have an exam for next week I COULD be writing, I don't know.


Edited to add: Got the exam written, too. And stopped off on the way home and got a new wringer mop (Libman's "Tornado Mop," which has a ratchet mechanism so you can get it wrung out REALLY WELL, and I see now I can also use it to wash down my sealed hardwood floors, because it's that easy to get nearly totally wrung out....and it's been a really long time since I washed the floors well, so I may be doing that v. soon). And got more snap traps, and was suckered in (maybe) again to buying those little "ultrasonic repellers," which I am not convinced actually *work,* but I'm kind of desperate to shut off the Mouse Faucet, so I'll try anything...

I feel a LOT better. Having the headache be gone makes a huge difference. I wonder now if it was a v. low-level migraine; I had a little aphasia in one class and I could literally smell EVERY SINGLE PERSON'S COLOGNE OR HAIRSPRAY in the other one, and both of those point to migraine. If it was a migraine, wow, good on me for pushing through and managing to teach....and still being something close to functional.

So as soon as my bathroom floor (which I mopped first) is dry, gonna wash my hair and then heat up the bean-patty I had the foresight to make a batch of last night for dinner, and probably knit and either watch cartoons or "The Good Place" because I don't want to watch election returns. And I think I'm going to bed earlyish tonight.

My crafting plans are to finish "Not Okay Bot" and start the mitts for me off the pattern I will use for the gift mitts. If time seems to get tight, I can always pull out another pair of size 2s and start the second pair and knit them in tandem.

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Anj M said...

I am glad the headache/migraine went away. I hope you had a relaxing night.