Friday, November 30, 2018

Doing my cards

I don't see a good way to "sticky" a post here - so it stays on the top for a while - so I may refer to this multiple times in the next few days but....

if you would like me to mail you a holiday card, send me an e-mail with your mailing address. You can also put in your preferences: if you want a 'religious' Christmas card, I can do that. If you want a secular one, I can do that. If you want a funny one - I like those - I can do that. If you celebrate Hanukkah and want a card for that....well, it starts Sunday so I'd have to scramble and you'd get it late, and I'm not entirely sure I can FIND Hanukkah cards around here. If you want a generic winter-holiday card (like "happy holidays" or a winter scene), I can probably do that too.

IF I get to Sherman tomorrow, if anyone's e-mailed me, I could pick up some cards then. If not, when I go NEXT week I can get cards. (Or there are places to get them locally, just not as many as there once were).

I don't expect cards back....with my leaving fairly early for break I know it's hard for people to get cards out. I just like sending out cards.

I'm doing my CPAAG card-swap cards probably tonight - I got my list and got out the cards I had already got and found some good matches, so I just have to write them up (and insert glitter in the ones for the people who like glitter).

(And don't worry. I won't glitterbomb YOUR card. Not unless you ask me to. But I might put My Little Pony stickers on it.)

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purlewe said...

I am just seeing this now, but just so you know. I am making out a holiday card for you. It may or may not make it to you before you leave, but I am sending one. I always appreciate your cards.