Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Things in progress

But first up: I don't know why, but after several days of bad anxious feelings (and weeks of feeling not-quite-right), things have settled down and I'm calmer. Some weird hormonal thing finally sorting itself out? Something I'm allergic to finally quit flowering? I don't know. But I'm glad, what ever it is, not to have the "want to crawl out of my own skin" feeling. Sunday night, at the reception I was helping out with, I couldn't sit down, not even during the slack times when everyone else was. I brushed off offers of a chair with vague noises about my bursitis bothering me, but really, I didn't feel like I COULD sit down - I had to be moving.

I have a bunch of different things I am working on. (Last night was CWF, but bell choir was cancelled - several people could not make it and there wouldn't have been enough of us to make it worth trying to practice. I didn't get any knitting done last night, though).

I started working again on Not Okay Bot. The little "stompy feet" are done (I slightly modified the pattern so the legs are longer; that seemed more pleasing to me) and I'm through the increases on the body, which means just lots of crocheting around until it's big enough. (the top looks less pointy than the one in the photo I saw, so I'm glad I didn't try modifying to get rid of the "point;" maybe that was an issue of how they stuffed it).

I also got up to the point of picking up the stitches to start the body of Harvest. (This is an interesting pattern: you knit the collar first, then pick up stitches and start raglan increases and knit the thing seamlessly, from the top down). I know that the "seamed" sweater is more traditional in some styles and also I suspect the seams help structure it (as in: keep it from being all loose and floppy; that the seams almost serve a little like "soft boning" in a sweater) but I like the clever design of a seamless sweater and I definitely like not having to do tons of handsewing after it's done. (I know, you can finish sweaters on a sewing machine, but it messes with the stretch and I am kind of picky that way: if I spent all those hours knitting it, I'm not gonna take a finishing shortcut that is less-than-ideal and changes the fit in a way undesirable to me)

I'm still working on Augusta and I should pull Celestarium back out after not touching it for a few days. (This is the "hard week" of the month: three, sometimes four evening meetings). And I should get back to Anaheim; that might be what I do tonight, is work more on that. I have decided that once I've knit up the body and edging I'm going to weigh the remaining yarn and just use half for each sleeve - I am already afraid I'll run short, and given that this was "giveaway" yarn and is an older yarn (anny blatt "Mango," which I am pretty sure is discontinued), I have no hopes of getting more, but since it's a short-sleeved type sweater, it doesn't matter greatly if the sleeves are 3/4 length or elbow length or even a bit shorter....

(Funny thing about me, or maybe not just about me: I am less likely to work on a project if I am worried I will run short of yarn when it's a yarn it will be hard to get more of. If it's some kind of Red Heart thing, like for an amigurumi, I don't worry, because I can usually get more - but for unusual yarns, yes, I worry)

I also find it helps to have things to look forward to:

1. Even though this weekend is Homecoming and I may low-level be expected to do something, I also don't have fieldwork, so I have a bit more flexibility and can maybe rest up a little more (Note to self: Wesley Center board meeting is Sunday afternoon).

Maybe Friday afternoon, if I have nothing looming, I go antiquing in Sherman and then do a bit of grocery shopping on the way home? It's been a while since I got out to go antiquing.

2. Next week I have no classes Friday. I am already tentatively considering a trip to Whitesboro, unless it turns out Laura has some free time and we could meet up somewhere else like Mineola for the day.

3. Cony the Unicorn is on her way (not much tracking info but I do know it is in the US and has cleared customs - this is a Japanese import). And I presume Build-a-Bear will ship my Toothless today or tomorrow, and they don't take long.

(Confession: part of the reason I mail-order so much stuff? It's depressing sometimes to come home, day after day to the same bills, crummy ads, election fliers, and other drek in the mail. I miss real mail.)

4. ITFF (on Ravelry) is doing a "doldrums swap" and I signed up, so that means I HAVE to get out some time between the time I get my person's name (end of October) and Dec. 1 (when packages have to be shipped) and do some fun shopping for them. (I am reserving the right to 'shop my stash' if they like yarn and I have some color or weight or fiber they like, and send them something that I bought but am not using. I also "amortize" the cost so that the $25 limit isn't exceeded)

I just like doing swaps. I like getting stuff but I like even more going out and finding stuff to give to people. (If my person likes coffee or tea - well, they have lots of interesting things at the little local gourmet shop and I could get something for them there.)

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