Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Quick Celestarium photos

I said I'd been working on it. I'm not TERRIBLY far (up to round 58 of well over 100), but I'm farther than the last photo I took of it (at the bottom of the post).

I moved it to the longest circular but I have some Magic Loop stuff going on there (the pulled-out and folded loop of the cable is tucked under the shawl here). Eventually I will need all that length, though.

Celestarium 9/12 flash

You can kind of see the beads on there.

I tried taking a "night vision" version (long exposure, no flash), but even bracing it against a knee doesn't keep the camera from being shaky, but maybe you can see the beads a bit better here:

Celestarium 9/12 (night view)

I just wish I had more time to work on it...tonight was Elders' and Board meetings, so I was out from 6 pm until just after 8. (And tomorrow night is piano, though once that's over....oh, wait, I have exams to grade....)

Maybe next week I'll get more done on it....

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