Friday, September 14, 2018

A tiny treat

So I came home for lunch, and then ran out to Wal-Mart.

(An aside: the local Wal-mart is gearing up for Beermageddon. I guess October 1 is when Oklahoma groceries can start selling regular-point beer (instead of 3.2 beer) and wine, and so I guess some stores are getting ready to cash in - I assume that just as alcohol has a higher profit margin than the food at most restaurants, it is the same at grocery stores. Anyway, walking in, I ran into the church secretary, and she said "They've moved everything around!" and I was like "oh no they couldn't possibly have" but they did. And of course everything was hard to find. And I griped at a couple employees - oh, not badly, but I did let them know I didn't like it, and other people were complaining and maybe Corporate will learn that the customers - their freaking lifeblood - hate it and not do random reorganizations or something.

I mentioned it to the checkout lady and she told me about the beer and wine coming, and "we have to make room for them" and dear God, please don't let Wal-mart drop carrying the organic milk I buy or something else I use a lot in favor of Sam's Choice Red and Sam's Choice White and....ugh.

Though maybe I hold out hope that we eventually get a real, honest-to-God full-sized supermarket - Pruett's is nice for what it is but it is on the smaller side. Maybe being able to sell actual beer and wine will get us an Aldi's or a Kroger or *something*?)

But anyway. I bought myself two small treats.

First up, from the Walgreen's, where I went for the gummi vitamins I use now (I *think* the D is helping my mood, or at least it's keeping it from being quite so bad? And maybe the extra biotin is helping my hair? I think my nails are kind of a lost cause and I just got bad fingernail genes or maybe I just do too much stuff with my nails).

And I went down the Halloween aisle, just for fun. And they had a few of the little Ty beanie creatures, mostly Halloweenie ones (there were black cats and spiders and bats) and at first I was considering a bat until I saw this little guy:

The official name is Saffire but I will admit he (I think he's a he) reminded me more of the G1 conception of Spike, and so I decided to buy him. (Though I was thinking of the G3 conception of Spike at the time, and his name and character:)

G3 Spike was a different critter. He had an odd little accent, and spoke kind of pompously, and tended to insert himself into fairy tales (an early example of fanfiction and Gary-Stu-ing?) and he also had a much longer name (which I had to look up on the My Little Pony wiki; it's been too long since I saw any of those specials): "Master Kenbroath Kilspotten Heathspike"

Or probably Kilspotten for short, given that my version is punctuated with tiny glittery flecks:

Yeah, you can see the spots on there. He also has those glitter-backed eyes that some Ty critters have now.

I also bought (at the wal-mart) one of those terrible little chocolate eggs (well, it's fairly terrible as chocolate goes, but I still ate it) that comes with a tiny Pony figure, and for a change, I got one of the ones I didn't have - a tiny Rarity.

So now I have a small Rarevolution of plastic Rarity figures:

Far left is the "magic egg" Rarity, middle is a blindbag, right is a McDonald's Happy Meal Rarity a friend sent me.

(I will say: how I wish the blindbag figures had been those wee tiny ones. The details is maybe a bit better, even, and they're SO TINY and I generally love tinier things even more...)

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twisted said...

The Rarity trio is adorable! Nail oil might help. Mine have always been thin and splitty until recently I started using argan oil on them. I picked up a bottle in the supplement section at Wal-Mart and use a small brush to apply it to nails and fingers; it also helps with dry skin.