Tuesday, July 10, 2018

whoa, double prize

So I decided maybe a warm bath with Epsom salts was a good idea - I often seem to tweak my upper back doing the dvd workout, and sitting hunched over my sewing machine for a couple hours late this afternoon didn't help.

But I decided to also use one of those bath fizzers (which are mostly for fragrance and color; as far as I can tell they do not contain Epsom salts). I used one of the kind ("Ocean Bomb") that has a prize in it. This is about my favorite ones of the line, both for the scent (and the fact that the color doesn't persist on my skin and there's no weird glitter in it to wash out of the tub) but also it has better prizes inside - tiny rubber ocean creatures and thus far, I haven't had any repeats. (Whereas the two "Unicorn Bombs" I tried both had identical prizes). I also prefer the ones that are little plastic or rubber toys - some of them have cheap potmetal jewelry in them and (a) I don't wear that kind of stuff and (b) it gets a little funky from being encased in what is fundamentally a salt for months on end...

So anyway, I mostly buy the Ocean ones when I want one, because they have a "fresh air" smell (which is sort of eucalyptus-herbal and sort of "fresh" - hard to describe but it's not overly perfumey)

And I used one tonight. And behold, TWO prizes:

One (the one on the right there) is definitely a shark, the other one, I'm not so sure - the head is shaped more like an osteichthyes fish and also it's bright blue with random white dots (and is totally the wrong shape for a whale shark anyway). Maybe some kind of tuna? I don't know.

(On closer inspection: the spotty one might be a juvenile whale shark. Maybe it was "shark day" at the factory?)

I can only assume this was a factory error in my favor. I hope there isn't someone somewhere disappointed because their fizzy didn't have a prize....

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