Saturday, July 07, 2018

The "collar stars"

So, a while back my niece (at the urging of her parents, I suppose) called me. She and my sister-in-law had made a toy cat (my niece drew it, and my sister-in-law - whom I did not think sewed - sewed it for her*)

But my niece wanted a gold star for the cat's collar, and for some reason she wanted a knitted star. So she asked me if I could knit one. To be honest, if it were me? I'd get some yellow felt and do that, but I know when kids want something a way, they want it that way, so.

(*Oh, Charlotte, oh. So it begins. I remember doing that to my mom as a kid and finally in desperation she just taught me how to hand-sew)

I looked up a couple patterns on Ravelry (a star bookmark and a Christmas-tree star). I had a little bit of yellow fine-gauge acrylic left over from the tiny toys I made her, so I decided to use that.

I'm going to do two - one being a single layer, one being two layers that are sewn together and stuffed, she can pick which she prefers.

This is the first one, using the star from the bookmark (it's one of those i-cord marks, with stars on either end). I used size 0 needles:

Fingernail for scale. It's about an inch high, but the cat itself is about six inches long, so I think it will work.

Now on to the other one, which is knit in the round, and may be a bit trickier to do.

Edited to add: after three tries, going to larger needles and trying again, I gave up on that pattern. M1R is too hard to do on tiny needles with fine, splitty acrylic yarn.

So I made two more of the simple stars using US 1s (so they are bigger) and sewed them together and stuffed them:

It's not perfect but I think it's as good as I can do at the scale. Monday I'll have to truck down to the post office and send these out in a puffy envelope or something.

Not sure what to do now. It's kind of late. I might work on trying to finish up Heartthrob. I have been watching "Summer Camp Island" on Cartoon Network (the ONLY thing they are showing all weekend, I guess). Parts of it are cute but the head camp counselor is a mean, selfish girl and she annoys me a lot and makes me feel bad for the camp kids who can't really do anything when she's on a rampage.

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