Sunday, June 10, 2018

Three doggy views

This is the first of two toys (picture of the other coming later) that I made over break. The pattern is a freebee from Deramores/The Yarn Loop/Amanda Berry: Deradogs Greyhound.

Mine came out looking maybe a bit more like a wolf-dog hybrid (I used a dark grey Vanna's Choice I had on hand), and for a while I was considering calling him Wolfie, but then thought of the name "Loki" and it kind of stuck.

(There's some discussion on ITFF about "Never name a pet Loki because then he will live up to the trickster reputation" but I think with a stuffed toy, I'm safe)


It was, as I remember, a straightforward enough pattern to follow. Again, like many (too many, IMHO - I do not get the anti-dpn prejudice of some) toy patterns, it's knit flat and seamed. (And I didn't feel up to trying to convert it for knitting in the round, though that would save the seaming - and at the end, I ran short of the yarn, so I had to seam with embroidery floss that doesn't quite match.  (At least I had enough to complete the toy).

I pretty much followed the pattern as written; the only change was using a roughly worsted-weight acrylic instead of the recommended dk. (worsted-weight is a tiny bit heavier and thicker; the typical gauge is closer to 4.5-5 sts to the inch instead of the 5.5 that a dk has, though gauges do vary and I used the same needle size as the pattern recommended). The nose is also knitted and I decided not to try to do a more-detailed face than what the original pattern had; sometimes less is more.

One aspect I like, but is hard to see in photos, is that the eyes have a little glitter in them:

Loki eyes

And I got those at the JoAnn Fabrics, not from some specialty Etsy seller! I guess the fad for glitter-backed eyes that Ty started on some of their pre-made stuffies has spread. (The glittery part are special fabric backers that go over the post of the eye - take them off and they are just plain blue eyes. Perhaps a person could do similar to plain eyes if you had a heavy paper with glitter on it.... or painting the underside of the eye with glitter nail polish, though that might eventually chip off)

The pattern also includes a collar, which is held closed with a button. I grabbed one out of my mom's button box; I think it originally was on an older set of pajamas she had and might date back to the 1970s:

Loki collar

He's a pretty good size.

Oh, and he has a tail, in case anyone wondered:

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