Wednesday, June 13, 2018

And it's here

My June Doki Doki crate just came.

(I was thinking this morning - "It shipped out on the 28th, shouldn't I be getting it soon?" and contemplated that if it went MUCH longer, I'd have to contact the place)

I follow them on Twitter so I have a vague idea of what's in it; the theme is Sparkling Summer. (I tend to skip over the tweets showing stuff, I like to be surprised.).

So anyway, here goes the opening...

A small little "Sumikkogurashi" ("Things in the corner" - it's a group of characters) ice pack thing. Nice. This will work well for my lunch kit in the future (right now I can come home for lunch, and I do) and it would also work as a "boo-boo treatment" or for headaches....and it doesn't take up much room in the freezer.

A koozy sort of thing with Mt. Fuji on it. Bemused expression is because I don't really drink beverages in bottles or cans, so I don't really need a koozy.

Maybe it becomes a sleeping bag for a small stuffie? Or I repurpose it by cutting and sewing to make either a Pony vest or a sweater for one of my Barbies?

Wow. So terrycloth. Much absorb. It's one of those small towel things, it would work as a hand towel in my bathroom or even an "emergency" hair towel.

Clear (and stinky, I will have to hang it up outside for the plastic smell to dissipate) Pompompurin bag. I presume the idea is for carrying your swimsuit and stuff....I might be more prone to use it to hold knitting stuff.

No stuffie this time :(

But there is a Rilakkuma glass (a real glass, made of glass):

"I don't always drink out of decorated glasses, but when I do, they have cartoon characters on them"?

I think my favorite things are the towel (cuteness) and the freezer-gel-pack thing (usefulness).

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purlewe said...

I love the glass and the towel. Sad there is no stuffie, but the package looks pretty cool from here this month.