Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Woke to storms

Yeah, around 3:30 this morning, thunderstorms rolled through. This is the first nighttime storm for a while. The power went off, at my count, three separate times (I can hear it because the air filter and the white-noise machine shut off). It was only brief, but enough to undo the digital clock.

I guess it's cleared out now so I probably need to consider going over and trying to do a little work.

I do need to clean the house a little some time....tomorrow is a meet-up with Laura so I expect the whole day will be taken up with that. Thursday morning the piano tuner comes, and I like to have the house at least a *little* picked up for him. I often don't "see" the things (like the fact that I still have the umbrella swift clamped to one of the sofa arms) that other people notice.

I'm not a very good housekeeper. Part of this is that I rarely have people over, I tend to see my house as sort of my fortress, and I have to like and trust a person a lot to let them in (This is why having workers in - like the plumber and even the piano tuner - whom I know fairly well and like - is somewhat fraught)

Also, I'm busy. I read somewhere that one of the hallmarks of being an adult is spending a half-hour a day cleaning house to keep up with everything and I guess by that measure I'm not really an adult. I don't spend a half-hour a day. I might spend ten minutes doing stuff like dishes or sweeping the floor if it's bad or taking out the trash, but it's only rarer that I spend as long as a half-hour.

Well, some days, I'm tired. And some days taking a half-hour would mean some other thing that seemed more urgent didn't get done. (Last night, for example: I had CWF. So I was out of the house for a couple hours in the evening, and I'll be out again this evening because it's the first rehearsal of the new bell choir).

And yeah, people say "Just hire a cleaner" but 90% of my cleaning issues is "where do I put this thing" - storage related issues. And a cleaner can't really help with that. The stuff like sweeping and scrubbing and cleaning the bathroom is not so hard for me once I have the stuff put away. (Also, the whole  "not comfortable with people in my house" thing).

In fact - I think I will stay home at least this morning and clean house a little. And also, I have to sort my acrylic yarn, I just remembered I promised Laura I'd destash and bring her some of my leftovers for her scrap afghans.

Also, it might storm again this morning, and meh, why should I drive over in the wet when I don't absolutely HAVE to?


Have decided to make today "Clean all the things" day, because things need cleaning, and I will feel better for having done it, and I am getting a weird "old cardboard box smell" in part of my house and I need to figure out - and ideally, get rid of - whatever is causing it. (I also might need to run out and get one of those "non electric dehumidifiers" (those zeolite-filled things) for my bedroom; it seems v. humid in there but I don't want to put the dehumidifier in there because there isn't an appropriate plug (that's not already in use) and also I don't want to tote full containers of water out of there and risk spilling it.

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