Wednesday, May 02, 2018

More "smol beans"

I need to get ready for bed soon (I anticipate a night of interrupted sleep; we're supposed to get storms though they look less-bad than originally predicted). But here are a few small things that have arrived for me in the mail recently.

First, from the Doki Doki crate (which was travel-themed and also included a My Melody luggage tag - which I might use - and a My Melody "ticket wallet" (which I probably won't, and I thought paper tickets were long gone....this is for those long narrow ones, like how plane tickets were 20 or more years ago). There are also Rilakkuma hand wipes and a little kit (Mine is "Princess Ariel") with a comb and little bottles for shampoo and conditioner (though too small four the amount I need for my hair) and a tiny jar for lip balm.

The best thing was this - a "guardian angel bunny" and you got random colors, where each color coded to some desirable thing, and there was an allegedly-semiprecious bead sewn onto it.

I got green - jade - which is supposedly for "serenity," which I suppose is something I need:

I think the idea is you clip these on your bag (they have one of those ball-chains, like keychains do) but I'd be afraid of it getting broken or torn.

And then, these - I ordered a copy of "How Fletcher Was Hatched" (a loved book from childhood - Fletcher is a dog who becomes jealous of his mistress' infatuation with baby chicks that have just hatched* so he persuades his friends Beaver and Otter to encase him in an "egg" (made of a frame of sticks with clay from the riverbank over it), and they roll the egg up to the path to the school. Ultimately, Fletcher DOES hatch, but not after finding out that his mistress was distraught at his absence - he ran away for the night and of course spent it in the egg)

(*And now I wonder if it was a gentle, "your baby sister or brother isn't going to take your parents' love away from you" story, which is something LOTS of little kids need, because when you become an older sibling - especially if you have been an only child up to that point - it does feel VERY much like you are being replaced by this tiny squalling thing that is loud and smelly and frankly not very interesting because it can't DO anything on its own)

Along with that, there was, for a good price, a set of G1 twins - Nibbles (pink) and Dibbles (yellow):

I have said it before, but I really love the G1 babies and newborns (these are tiny babies, so I guess they are like newborns). And these are pegasuses, my favorite pony subgroup:

They have their cutie marks (apparently this was an earlier occurrence in G1, or it wasn't a big deal that was symbolic of "growing up" like it is in G4 - some commentators even likened it to menarche, which just seems kind of weird to me, but I know some girls really anticipated that and waited for it and.... well, maybe this is a little TMI, but I think for a lot of us, even if we knew what it was and knew to expect it, it still freaked us out when it happened.... so I don't think cute marks are a good analogue at all; they are more like figuring out what you want to do as a career and even then - people in this world change careers often enough, or some people feel like they never really find their "thing")

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