Monday, May 07, 2018

First one down

First exam is given and graded. (Ecology, and it made me smile how many people put "Volcanoes in Hawaii" as an example of something that could lead to primary succession happening)

Now I have to finish up piano practice for the day (I called the tuner but they may be out of town right now; he hasn't called back yet, but I'm flexible). I also probably need to run out and get my share of "exam snacks" - the faculty do this (for the faculty and staff in the department). I might get some cheese (and maybe something like summer sausage if they have it) and if the blueberry-muffin mix on my shelf isn't TOO expired, I might make a loaf of blueberry quick bread to take....

Am tired though. Exam week can be tiring - a lot of hanging around.

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