Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Anticipating day out

* I do still need to do 20 more minutes of piano practice but the (not quite end of the season, as it turns out) NCIS led to a lot of feelings...though not as many bad ones as I'd feared (I'm not going to spoil it any further). But yeah, way to jerk the fans around, and a lot of shows do that, and it annoys me. It's almost like an Ur-version of clickbait, when you think of it: you have to watch having seen the teaser.

They did go to a lot of trouble, I will say, to construct an 'apartment' scene for Abby just to show it for only a few shots in this one episode...

* I did get a lot of necessary things wrapped up today: calculated grades for the two classes that I could, entered the lab grades for the gen-ed class, typed up and sent off the minutes for the Wesley Center Board (with the added complication that first I just sent them to the minister in charge, because he had to extend an offer to extend the interim person's contract, and I didn't want her to see our discussion of potential salary and hours until he had....so after he had and after she said yes, then I sent them around to everyone. I'm glad I was smart enough to think of that....I think I make a pretty good recording secretary, for whatever that is worth. Now I just need to find a wealthy and not too annoying person who wants someone to deal with their correspondence, and I'm set for life*

(*Or I might wind up suspected of murder; often in those Golden Era mystery novels it was the "confidential secretary" - in those novels, usually, but not exclusively, a man working for another man)

And I got the scholarship letters out. I had e-mailed the students in question first and told them official letters would be coming so I figured I better do it sooner rather than later.

* Heh. Maybe Raven Inkwell is the pony I'd be in the Ponyverse, seeing as she is a sort of confidential secretary, first to Ponyville's mayor, and then (at least in one of the comics) to Celestia herself.

(And double heh: my surname supposedly shares a linguistic link to the Latin name for raven; the story goes that somewhere back in the history, someone was either very dark of hair and was named after the raven for that, or, was very very fair, and got the name ironically)

* I did run to the bank and withdrew some cash, so I can buy yarn and fabric tomorrow (and I also found my $20 gift certificate from the yarn shop and put it on top of my purse so I would not forget it).

And I filled up with gas. But that took a while - the first place I went (the Love's a couple blocks from me) had plastic baggies over EVERY gas nozzle (but not the diesel ones). I drove round and wound up going back to, I think it was, a Quik Trip near my credit union. And there, several of the nozzles (but not all of them) had baggies on them too.

And yeah, I admit, I got a creepy vibe off that - were all the stations running low on gas and why? (I didn't look at the one near the now-Pruett's: I still have bad feelings about them even though they've likely changed hands - they were the place that, right after Sept. 11, 2001, jacked the gas up to something like $6 a gallon and left it there for a few days, and that seemed like pure gougery, and I swore I'd never buy gas there again).

I'm wondering now if it was everyone leaving town after exams, and they just ran low before a gas delivery. (As far as I know, we don't do the "summer blend" thing, which I know has led to some shortages in places like Illinois during the changeover).

So I don't know. I admit, I wondered, "Should I even BE driving to Whitesboro tomorrow?" but I've heard no news of a looming gas shortage so I'm going to assume it was a momentary blip in the supply chain, possibly made worse by a large volume of students leaving town.

* I also forced myself to do the dvd workout (despite not really having felt up to it earlier - my allergies were REALLY bad this morning, I don't know why). I feel better after having done it. That's usually the case.

* I got the first leg of Heartthrob done. I'm hoping I can maybe take part of the day off both Thursday and Friday and do more on her or one of my many other ongoing projects. 

* No plans on what I want to get in Whitesboro other than maybe a big piece of some kind of good "sashing" type fabric for one of the several quilts I have planned, and maybe a few fill in pink-and-green type prints for that same quilt. Or maybe a big piece of brown, if there's a pretty (maybe batik) brown to use as the "ground" in a quilt made with small squares of floral prints. I don't know.

As for yarn - probably more sockyarn; that's what the place specializes in.

* The best Duolingo sentence I've seen in ages. (German, "Animals 2") - "The turtles are eating pizza." (I wasn't quite a child of the 80s but I certainly remember them, so it made me smile)

(Die Schildkröten fressen Pizza)

And yes, there are different verbs for "eat like a person" (Essen) and "eat like an animal" (Fressen). I knew that even before learning German; the only German I ever heard from my (granted, several generations removed from having immigrated) German relatives was Essen, essen, nicht fressen which was told to children - fundamentally, "Eat like a person, not like an animal"

(I guess also in more-formal English, we speak of people eating and animals feeding, so maybe there's some small echo of that in our language)

(My dad once mentioned hearing something that was like Himmel, Kreutz, Donner und Blitzen and he said, "Then the kid got a smack upside the head" so I presume it was a disciplinary thing? It translates to "Heaven, the cross, thunder, and lightning" so I don't know, maybe it's like a mild curse?)

I'm surprised and pleased how much I'm picking up - today, giving my exam, I was looking at the tags on the emergency shower (the room was a lab room) and I could read some of the German instructions (the instructions for use and checking are in English, French, and German, which is interesting and makes me wonder where the markets for these things are). Also in English it says "This unit must be checked weekly" which made me giggle given the whole thing where the Museum of English Rural Life tweeted out a picture of a large ram with the caption "Absolute unit" on it and it became one of those Internet nine-days'-wonders....

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