Sunday, May 13, 2018

Another quilt top

This one really only took a couple days' worth of work, but it was a super-simple pattern ("Donut Holes" - it's designed for a Layer Cake but of course you could use 10" squares of any fabric. There's also a charm-square version, but you either need 2 packs or it's a VERY small quilt).

I like this one. It's big - about 6' on a side, which means it's wide enough (if a little short) to use on my bed.

Mes Amis quilt

The fabrics are a Moda line, either called Les Amis or Mes Amis (I forget which and am not going to jump up and go to my sewing room to check. At any rate: it's almost certainly out of print, this was a Birthday 2016 purchase from Kaleidoscope fabrics).

I like how it came out. I was initially put off by the pattern because the photo on it had a solid black as the "framing" fabric (and sort-of Civil-War reproduction styles as the focus fabrics) and to my taste, the frames stood out too much. I like the more subdued color palette I used here.

The grey fabric with swirls on it is going to be for the back; it's one of those 108" wide backs so NO PIECING AND NO REAL IRONING.

Here's a close up:

Mes Amis close-up

It's hard to see but the "framing" fabric is tulips with bicycles (with a black cat perched on the seat!) on it. And another fabric is crowded old city houses. (This line could ALMOST have been called "Mijn vrienden" instead, given the tulips and bikes and vaguely Dutch-style houses.

One challenge of photographing quilts alone, on warm early summer days:


billowing 2


purlewe said...

I really like this. And I like how sweet it looks with the colors you chose. I hate using the word simple, but it reminds me of simple farm quilts and I have always secretly adored. I think this one is truly a stunner as it lets the colors and patterns really shine.

Lynn said...

I like that pattern. I prefer simple quilt patterns that let the fabrics be the stars of the show.