Monday, April 16, 2018

Tiniest Absolute Unit

Okay, so the Museum of English Rural Life tweeted out a picture of a ram last week, with the comment "Look at this absolute unit" and it kind of blew up Twitter, and it got ME to follow them (they've kind of dialed back the number of tweets in the past day or two and that's fine, but it's still a fun account to follow).

I thought it was a funny term for a livestock animal, and I found it amusing.

(I guess "Absolute unit" has more of a history than I realized, but I'm still gonna allow it)

Well, I also decided to dial back a little on my No Money Spent For Fun pledge....a few fun things are good (oh, nice things are nice). And I saw a cute pony for sale on of the baby boy ponies (who seem a bit rarer, though I have a few of them (Ribbs, Paws, and Whirlybird) and I've also headcanoned that one or two of the other baby ponies - Bouncy is one - are actually boys)

But anyway. This is Lucky, and he's kind of special, because (a) he has a mohawk type haircut (and yes, that is original: it was not a haircut given him by a child who owned him.) In fact, it's almost a mullethawk because it's longer in the back. And (b) He was a mail-order Pony. (Oh, if I had been young enough for G1. I would have loved the idea of saving up "points" and mailing off for a pony. I guess I get that same feeling nowadays with my Etsy acquisitions).

So anyway, here he is. Look at this tiny absolute unit:

His cutie mark is a horseshoe. Relative of Troubleshoes Clyde, maybe?

Pony selfie! You can see how small he is. This is why I love the baby ponies from G1.

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