Sunday, April 15, 2018

New nail polish

I like Pacifica's "Seven Free" nail polish. It's not QUITE as durable as some others (I think) but I feel like I'm not poisoning myself quite so badly with it (it lacks some of the nastier solvents conventional nail polish has).

I decided to put on the new one - "Red Velvet," a metallic mid-range red - on today.

Sadly, the photo doesn't show the full wonder of it but it is very nice and yes, it is just slightly metallic, so it looks v. cool:

new nails 2

new nails 1

It's the little things.

I also redid my fingernails - I go WAY more subtle on these, partly because colorful fingernails distract me, but also because with just a topcoat, it doesn't show nearly so badly if it gets marred or chipped. So this time I did the rainbow topcoat - a very very subtle light blue with tiny rainbow prismatic glitter in it. (Rainbow Dash nails! Though it does make me look like I am not getting quite enough oxygen...)

I also mowed the lawn for the first time this year. Not so much because of grass but because the bedstraw had grown up and got tall. It doesn't really *cut* with my mower but at least it gets crunched down for a while. (Bedstraw is kind of shortlived; once it gets hot it will be gone, but it looks untidy). I also cut some of the shrubs a little and cut down the few accessible branches that were damaged in the ice storm we had a while back. (And I had earlier cut the privet that was coming in around the air conditioning unit - first, because I thought it might work better, and second, so the guy wouldn't remind me I need to do that when he came to check out the unit.)

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