Monday, April 02, 2018

And something different

My April Doki Doki crate came today.

I needed this. Right now this is the one large-ish (like, more than $5) "frivolous" spending I am doing until my account builds back up after some of the recent expenses. (And sigh, there will probably be more soon: my car needing a new battery in the next few months, most likely).

But anyway.

It says it's a "Time Capsule":

I'm wondering if the 8-bit font means it's going to be 1980s throwbacks. I was kind of leaving kid-hood in the 1980s (I was 11 in 1980, for example) but I admit there were things I still liked even if I knew I'd get laughed at at school for admitting to it.

So let's see:

From Hello Kitty's family, it's Pochacco. In 1980s colors and wearing a Walkman. (Remember those? I actually still have one....)

The cool thing is it's also printed on the inside:

Maybe I take this over to work to use for water? My colleagues might laugh but unlike the kids when I was in 7th grade, it would be more of an "I wish I had stuff I liked like that" laugh.

Only a little plushie this go round - Tuxedo Sam, who they say was introduced in 1979. (I love how Hello Kitty has been around SO long. Kids today who like her have no idea that when people like me were kids, there was Hello Kitty.)

He's described as "a clumsy penguin who loves to eat" and he also owns 365 bow ties so I guess he has one for every day (except in leap years).

Badtz-Maru, another penguin but in more of a Bart Simpson mode (perhaps Tuxedo Sam is Martin Prince, then). Coin purse. I don't have a LOT of use for these so you might be able to rip me off of it (drop an e-mail) if you really love Badtz-Maru.

Gotta catch 'em all? I guess Pokemon was a little later, like 1997 or so (So I was a grown-up adult by the time it made the scene). This is a little purse sort of thing but I think it might actually work as a travel jewelry case or similar, and certainly, I suspect a thief going through my bag would not as likely suspect my jewelry was in that.

(Ooh, or they suggest make-up. I could see carrying my makeup in this, separate from my toothbrush and all the other impedimentia I need)

Sanrio coloring book! Japanese style - to Americans it looks "back to front." All the writing in it is in Japanese (except for a few names of characters). It's a nice simple coloring book and the line art might be fun for embroidery designs, if I ever get back into that.

This is a "picnic sheet" (I presume, like a plastic tablecloth). I don't picnic, but maybe it will work under my houseplants or something like that. I think it's more cutesy than what my niece likes.

Favorite things are the coloring book and the little Tuxedo Sam, though I might get more use out of the Pochacco cup - it's nice and heavy and feels good in the hand.


purlewe said...

YAY! Doki-doki!

Lynn said...

Oooo! Tuxedo Sam is so adorable! I was an adult by the time Hello Kitty came on the scene so I had never seen him before.