Sunday, March 11, 2018

Some weekend happiness

I did get a little time to myself this weekend, even though it was (as someone else said elsewhere) the shortest weekend of the year - thanks to the Daylight Saving Time conversion. (And it comes too early, and we have George W. to blame for that. I still think Standard Time should last until early April, at least. I can't imagine any of the vaunted energy savings happened, but I suspect that people in some of the higher seats of power aren't getting up at 5 am to work out or driving to work at 7 am).

But yeah. I worked mainly on more squares. At this point, I have all the dark blue, all the magenta, all the cyan, and some of the red:

These are easy and don't take a lot of concentration and so they're kind of relaxing to work on. And it will be a nice blanket when it's done. (I think I tallied it up and it will take 140 squares, and I have something like 46 done)

I also received my Doki Doki crate - that was a lot earlier than I anticipated it, I guess shipping time from Japan really varies - I have got them as late as 4 weeks after being shipped; this one took about 10 days. (And I needed it Saturday evening, after the long day at church).

One item in it - a small, Mickey-Mouse themed whiteboard - I am going to bundle up in a puffy envelope and send to my niece (after checking to be sure she's still a Mickey fan; little kids sometimes change their feelings about such things unpredictably). I don't really have a use for it; it's a little more juvenile than what I'd want outside my office at work, and if I need to remember something I'm more prone to just write it on a sticky note and stick that up over the inside lock on my door.

There was also one of those "face mask" things - it says it has hyaluronic acid in it. I don't THINK I am allergic to that but sometimes I have to be a bit cautious about such things. (I used an argan oil hair masque today - I was concerned at once I might be sensitive to argan oil but now I don't think so. I liked this particular masque; it is orange-scented.)

And there was this:

It's a little Rilakkuma basket; I think I am going to use it in my sewing room to hold supplies; I think it would be good for holding spools of thread.

And two mascot-type items. First, a little Gudetama (Sanrio's hilarious little "depressed egg" that doesn't want to do anything):

Gudetama "himself" (itself? does an egg have gender?) is the yolk of the egg, the white forms his bed, and here he is holding a piece of streaky bacon like a blanket.

Gudetama doesn't want to get out of bed. I know that feel, bro, especially with the time change.

And then, as usual, my favorite item is the little stuffed animal:

A slightly grumpy-looking (and very round, for its species) little ferret from Potekoro Friends. (At first I thought it was a tanuki or raccoon dog, but when I looked the brand up, I learned it was a ferret, which makes more sense).

It took some doing to come up with a good name but I have hit on Snorri.

And finally, this weirdo:

It is a shower/bath sponge (it has almost like a loofa on the other side) that looks like a egg and streaky bacon sandwich. It is the "Like a Bread Series" (that's the English text on it) from Maru de Pain. (Apparently Japanese culture likes French for stuff.)

Yeah, I might use it. I don't know. (Probably in the shower, not in the kitchen. Kitchen sponges get gross fast and you're really not supposed to use them because it's hard to get the bacteria out of them. I'm more prone to use crocheted cotton dishcloths, which, if you use white cotton thread, can be washed with bleach or even boiled if you need to.)

But anyway. I need to go to bed soon so I'm not so wiped out for tomorrow. (And it will be a long day as it's also CWF in the evening, but at least I am not the group president this year, nor am I doing the food/lesson/devotional this month, so all I need to do is show up)

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