Wednesday, March 14, 2018

one thing ready

My long day is done. (And without me winding up as a future Board Moderator at church; instead, I am likely to be a future bell-choir member, which is less stressful and less effort and probably more fun, given the other people who will likely be in it with me)

I did one thing to prep going on break:


Got out and wound off yarn for my "on trip" projects. The plain pink is the Wollmeise for the Paddington's Garden shawl; the purple and green is "Chaudron Baveur" (Leaky Cauldron) from Biscotte et Cie. (for just simple socks). The "Time to Make the Donuts" is the pink and orange, also for simple socks, and the plain grey-blue is for the Will-o-the-Wisp socks. And the hippo kit is a freebee from one of the British knitting magazines a while back, so I plan on making her.

I also have two ongoing pairs of socks I will take. That's quite enough for a week. 

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