Thursday, March 08, 2018

And here's hoping

That this sore throat is actually allergies or dry air and not YET ANOTHER upper-respiratory infection :(

Am home now, am contemplating not going back this afternoon. Have a big bowl of probably-borderline-too-salty Thai Kitchen instant Hot and Sour Soup, hoping that if it IS a URI, this will start helping kicking it to the curb.

Too hot to eat, yet - I guess the photo did not capture the steam coming up off it in my 70-degree house.

The thing with spring allergies is that they must just be endured. I'm as antihistamined up as I can be (given that the experiment with the nasal spray made me stupid and unable to concentrate: I'd rather be a little miserable and functional than slightly less miserable and not functional)

But, I don't know. Maybe I take this afternoon off? Though that would mean doing the necessary grocery shopping (some additional makings for the brownies and jam bars, and more milk, and probably more eggs....) I don't know.

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