Wednesday, March 07, 2018

A little thought

I did my hour of Obligatory Research Reading (I am trying to force myself to do that, every day OTHER than Sundays or weekdays when I have Major Obligations Otherwise). I wrote my exam and did the copying for Friday and after lab, I can upload some of the new material I need to upload.

And I did Duolingo already (taking advantage of not coming over here until just before 8 despite having awakened around 5, even without setting an alarm). And I did some piano practice (a half-hour, but should do more when I get home.

But.....maybe I DO build a literal blanket fort when I get home. I can imagine how to do it: put a quilt down on the floor (or two, or maybe see if I've got enough big pillows), and line up two of my dining room chairs to leave just enough of a gap for me to sit on the floor between them....and take the big fluffy blanket (it is a queen-size despite me having a "full" bed) and drape it over them, and maybe wrap up in my kitticorn blanket....and I could grab a few stuffed animals while I was at it. And I could make it RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE TV so I could watch cartoons, which would allow me to achieve what I wanted this morning after all that adulting yesterday afternoon. (I hope there are some decent cartoons on when I get home. I suppose failing that I could try streaming something on the Internet....)

But yeah. I am just TIRED. I am sure part of it is allergies. Part of it is mid-semester: this is when everything blows up and goes nuts and you have to run really fast just to stay in one place.

(Edited to add: maybe I don't need it any more. Getting out in the sun and fresh air at lab time helped - it was the "how to know the trees" lab and I always drag the students out and walk them around campus to point out the few species of native trees we have that they will need to know before turning them loose on the herbarium sheets.

And once again, I am struck by the fact that I must not be in too bad of a shape for a 49 year old woman; I got way ahead of the class and kept having to stop and wait for them, and I was walking at what felt like a "comfortable" pace for me. I know I walk fast out in the field but....)

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Lynn said...

It always seems like everyone walks faster than I do, except for my husband. I have to almost run to keep up with him.