Sunday, February 04, 2018

Happy Superb Owl

Sophia (left) and Orlando (right) send their greetings:

No, I'm not watching "the big game." I am mostly indifferent to football and especially to the two teams involved. (I MIGHT have considered it had the Packers or the Vikings - the two teams most people in my family transferred whatever loyalty they had had to the Browns to after Art Modell....though my brother will now root for the Colts in deference to his Indianapolis-raised wife)

But anyway. I'll find something else to have on in the background but my plans are to pull out Great Horn-Rimmed - which has sat "in stall" for  couple of months - and work on it again. It seems apt to re-start on it on what many on the internet have dubbed Superb Owl day.

Oh, hey, Hallmark has the "Kitten Bowl" on which works as background you don't have to pay too much attention to....

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