Tuesday, February 13, 2018

And that's done

* Down 5 pounds from my (slightly worrisome to me) weight of last July. So I guess the way I am eating - which is not intolerable to me and is not me starving myself either physically or aesthetically* - is probably fine. And my exercise level, which I am slowly trying to creep up after the URIs of this winter, is good.

(*Aesthetically: never getting to have anything you enjoy. I've cut back a good bit on sweets of late but I refuse to cut them out 100% because I figure that can only set me up for spectacularly falling off the wagon; it's easier to say "Saturday afternoon I can have a bowl of ice cream and enjoy it" instead of "NO ICE CREAM EVER AGAIN")

* Nothing else wrong, though I do now have a trial nasal spray to combat nasal congestion (as a "see if this helps you" sort of thing, no pressure). I complained one ear was itching (expecting maybe it needed to be cleaned) but she said it looked fine, and was probably just allergies.

* I guess my doctor is slightly older than I am? I didn't think she was but I referred to how NEXT year (when I turn 50) was the year for the screening colonoscopy, and how I was dreading it, she said, "Oh, it's really not bad except for the prep, I had one recently." That's interesting because she's commented I don't look my age, and I always assumed she was maybe 8-10 years younger than I was. (I am bad at judging ages)

* I don't have to go back for 6 months (well, unless I actually get sick, but I don't plan on that) and I can put off bloodwork until July. So I think maybe, maybe I don't do the total-sweet-giving-up-for-Lent thing and stick with eating moderately and find something else to focus on. (Also, yay, can have cake for my birthday, both real and "observed")

* And I'm having the big cup of full-caffeine tea I didn't have at lunch (out of fear of spiking my BP with caffeine, and also because I didn't want to wind up having to pee if I got stuck waiting for very long).

Oh yeah. That's the stuff. (I have very few vices but black tea with sugar and milk counts as one)

* And so, tonight, am having pancakes for dinner. Because it is Pancake Day.


Lynn said...

That's a beautiful mug. I sort of have a mug collection but I have very few really pretty ones and a whole bunch that have sentimental value or that are just the right size/shape/weight to feel good in my hands.

purlewe said...

I love that mug, but tell me, is it a larger than average mug or is it just the angle of the photo? b'c it looks HUGE and that could be one of its charms.