Wednesday, January 24, 2018

another finished item

this was a long-term project. I started it, worked on it for a while, and then tucked it away and kind of forgot about it:


It's a scarf, knit of Sirdar's "Soukie" (which is a DK weight yarn, a poly/acrylic/cotton blend, and it has tiny sequins worked into it). I bought it at Stitches N Stuff a few trips there ago.

The pattern I used is from Jen Lucas' "Cozy Stash-busting Knits," though I bought the yarn specifically for the pattern instead of using stash. (I don't have that much DK in stash anyway)

scarf close up

The pattern is Medley - alternating rib with a tiny (1x1) cable between the changes. You can kind of see the sequins in this photo. The pattern is more or less reversible though the cables are more visible on one side.

I didn't make it as long as I could (I have about a skein and three-quarters of the yarn left) but I decided for a "fancier" scarf (rather than a "warm" scarf), longer maybe doesn't look quite as good.

wearing scarf

Right now it's warmer-than-average so I'm not really wearing scarves, but I could also see wearing this over a slightly fancier dress as an accessory.

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