Sunday, December 03, 2017

weekend in photos

So I promised pictures of the new acquisitions.

But first, a finished thing. This is the scarf knit of a Caron Cake in the old Multidirectional Diagonal pattern. (I have not woven in the two ends yet):

caron scarf

I am contemplating subbing this for the little hat I made as the AAUW gift. (Hat photo reprinted here for reference):

gift hat ii

The hat is awfully....small. I don't mean small as in "it won't fit an adult woman," but it's kind of a SMALL gift and some of the women go all-out and shop the best sales they can find for something that was like $30 marked down to $10 (our supposed price limit). I would much rather sit and knit than comb Tuesday Morning or the sales tables at Dillard's or whatever....

I also have to say I personally like the scarf better than the hat, and would find it a more impressive gift. (I have plenty of scarves already).

I have a few more days to decide. I THINK the scarf, folded up, will fit in the box I got to be the gift box (I don't feel like dragging out for wrapping paper and tape and trying to wrap the scarf)

I have a whole other skein of the yarn (in the same colorway) and might make the scarfy thing on the label (which is a different shape).

Ironically, it feels like the scarf didn't take any longer than the hat, because I worked on it over Thanksgiving break. It probably DID, but....

If I don't give the hat, not sure what I'd do with it. Put it aside for some donation program where wooly hats are not an issue (some only want acrylic or superwash because of the way people can or do wash winter things). I'll have to think.


And then there are the Ponies. This is Snookums:


Yeah, I really especially love the baby ponies from G1 and I think I now have more of them than the adults. But they are just so tiny and cute....

And this is the ballerina pony. Her official name is Tip Toes but I think I will call her Tippy Toes. She's another "big sister" type pony....

Tip Toes or Tippy Toes

so now my "ballet school" has two "advanced" and two "junior" students:

"Dancing school"


And the Christmas things. This is the little set-up on my piano: a couple of Santas, a snowman, a dodgy-looking vintage reindeer (one of his glass eyes keeps falling out), a sparrow in a sweater, a Tomten (actually, two: a big one and a little one),  and Krispies the Christmas pony:

piano display

Krispies is so named because she was originally a "send in boxtops for" premium from Rice Krispies, back in the 1980s. (Apparently she was never officially named, so Krispies is as good a name as any).

And I still have the Manatee one of the ITFF people made and sent out to people upon request a couple years ago. She now sits in the tree branches since I don't do a tabletop tree any more:

Tree manatee

At the end of the season I carefully fold her up and put her in the box with the various Santas from the previous photo, so she keeps well.

And my Applejack (slightly wonk-eyed, but I'm happy to have the Mane Six all together):


And finally, the tree skirt. I don't know if this is intended as a faithful reproduction of an old one, or just "in the spirit of" but I love it SO MUCH. It looks very 1940s to me, so it fits in with my house, which was built in 1946 or 47:

Tree skirt

Those are jingle bells around the edge. And Santa with his eight reindeer (Rudolph had not become a fixture yet, even if his book came out around 1939 or so). It just feels so perfect and it fits in with the style I like for Christmas things SO MUCH. This would not have been out of place in my grandma's house. 

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Lynn said...

I love the scarf (though I'm not really a scarf person) It's different and the colors are lovely.