Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Wednesday midday things

* Have decided to give the scarf as the AAUW swap gift; I think it will be better-appreciated (judging the tastes of the people in the group). Also, I have another whole skein to make myself something with.

If anyone knows of a charity that needs 100% wool hats and they don't need to be superwash, please e-mail me or drop the name int he comments. I'd like the little hat to go somewhere but as I noted, most Stateside charities, at least, want things that can happily go in a washing machine.

* And that also means this afternoon is meatball-making time: I am going to make and shape and slightly pre-bake the turkey meatballs for tomorrow night's party, and then put them in my slow-cooker thing with the sauce, and keep them in the fridge until about noon tomorrow, and then cook them the rest of the way.

I also will be doing a second round of these in a bit over a week for the tasting party/Family Christmas thing at church. (I don't often get to go; many years I've already left but this year it just happens the last Sunday before Christmas Eve is the day before I go).

They're easy and I like them and also lots of other people like them. I posted the recipe for these a couple years back. They are my go-to "bring a finger food" thing because, like I said, they're easy, they're good, and, all too often "finger foods" means you get eighteen plates of cookies and very little nutritious substantial food. (Note to self: pick up more oatmeal and an onion on the way home).

More and more, I find that the protein-rich foods (meatballs, cheese plates, devilled eggs, little sandwiches) are what are the "treat" for me at these things, more than the sweets. And that's not just because I can't eat peanut brittle any more or really hard crunchy cookies.

* Sent off all my "internet friend" cards today - for the CPAAG swap, and for a couple people who are just friends from online I send cards to, and for the people from ITFF who wanted cards. I do still have to do the ones for my aunts and uncles, and for a couple family friends, but I write a little more in those, so they take longer. (I am weighing the idea of doing a very short - like, 2-4 paragraph - Christmas letter this year, as I actually had a couple interesting things happen in my life: teaching the new class, winning the research award, becoming more active in ONPS. I know people hate "Christmas Letters" but mine would be pretty short. And that way, I might consider sending one to my old graduate advisor if I can remember his address, and to a couple other faraway people. I guess it's not bragging too much if it's short? And anyway, people don't have to read it.)

I also learned: you can buy "International" stamps, and as long as your card is under an ounce (two ounces to Canada, I guess), you can just pop the stamp on it and send it from any mailbox. I sent two cards to the Netherlands and one to Australia that way.

* I still have plans Saturday for a day of self-indulgence (Antiquing, and lunch out, and a run to the Ulta - I have a coupon - and a run to the bookstore in the hopes they at least have the "Christmas number" of Simply Knit). Friday afternoon is out, and I had forgotten that until I looked at my calendar: at 2:30 pm I have "Title VII" training. ALL employees who work with students are required to do this. (I am not sure if this is a new/existing federal regulation, or if this is specific to us, as we had - without giving too much detail - a couple highly placed people who donked up bad when it came to treating someone in a protected class the wrong way. Those two people, I will note, have since retired so they don't have to do the training. Which, if that's why we need it, is often how things work....the person who violates the rule slides away, and everyone else suffers. Goes alla way back to third grade, when Billy D. wouldn't stop talking in class, so we all had to put our heads down on the desks and sit through recess without talking or doing anything instead of getting to go out and play. I am not sure the purpose of that kind of punishment - peer pressure, so the kids remind Billy D. not to talk in the future? Or make the kids resent the rule-breaker? Or maybe just train kids for a working future where they sometimes get punished for the actions of others....)

Anyway. It's 90 minutes long. A colleague has pointed out the AAUP party is right after it concludes, and he promised "adult beverages" but I don't consume "adult beverages" and frankly would just rather go home, so....

I also think of how, shortly before my parents retired, then Gov. Blagojevich instituted an online "ethics test" all state employees had to take. Yes, the same former-governor who allegedly offered to "sell" the Senate seat Obama had held before he became president....I remember noting quietly to my dad, "Isn't it a little ironic Blago* is making you all take an ethics test?" and his response was, "Shut up, Erica."

(*Really, could apply to 3 of the last 5 Illinois governors, to be honest here)

But yeah, whatever. I just hope it's not 90 minutes of being yelled at that we're horrible people because I am just tired enough that there might be tears. (I doubt that it will be that though)

* Listening to some of the stuff my chair is having to do to wrap up a visiting scholar having been here makes me glad I'm not chair. I am hoping I can make it to retirement without having to be chair. (When our current chair - who is excellent and who does a great job - burns out or needs to step down, I think there's another colleague who would be willing to take it on.)

I am too much of a people pleaser, but also too resentful of horsepucky, to be able to comfortably put up with some of the stuff my chair puts up with. I especially resent when I feel like someone's either blowing smoke or micturating on my leg and telling me it's raining, which seems to be a common thing that happens from higher-ups in bureaucracies. (My chair has certain....facial tells....she uses when she's passing on information she was told to pass on, but which she doubts the veracity of. We very much feel like she is firmly on OUR side, which is what you want in a chair)


purlewe said...

Wool Works has a charity page, so I looked and OK has a couple you can send the hat to.

Mid-Del Youth & Family Services
300 Mid America Blvd.
Midwest City, OK 73115
+1 (405) 424-0177
Serves kids from 0 -18 in protective custody. Most come to them with nothing. Items must be new. Most needed are houseshoes, caps, mittens, afghans, totes and teddy bears. Be sure to designate YOUTH SHELTER These kids are in protective custody and have been taken from their homes, they range from 0-18 years of age-most are 9 -17 yrs. They need houseslippers, mittens, tote bags,"lapghans"

***I am assuming caps mean hats, no mention of wool or not***

Women's Shelter and Family Rescue
Oklahoma City, OK
Contact: Sharon or Carolyn
+1 (405) 262-4455
Call for directions. This is a women's and children's shelter and its address cannot be published. They need winter hats, blankets and clothing for babies and children.

***also no wool guidelines. This one makes you call for info due to safety. I don't know if you want to call or not***

purlewe said...

Also, thank you for the link to the meat ball recipe again. I forgot about it and I have to go to a party this weekend. Perfect choice!