Saturday, December 16, 2017

And that's better

I was low-level concerned my Doki Doki box for December might not show up before I left. The BIGGEST issue would be arranging for a replacement if it had got lost (at the point I'd be contacting them, it would probably be a refund/extension of my subscription, I think the boxes are actually sold out).

I was also wondering if I'd get mail today - I handed in the hold card yesterday morning, and sometimes, they just start holding the mail the minute they get it. But nope! I saw my mail person coming down the street (it was the usual woman) and so I ran down to get my mail. And I saw the pink box, and I knew my Doki Doki crate was there. So that was good.

What was in it? Some Christmas stuff:

crate stuff

A "Christmas plush" (well, FSVO "plush" - it is VERY tiny) gingerbread man which serves better as a tree ornament than anything, and the promised blind-box themed Gutedama Christmas charm.

Gutedama is....weird. He is a "lazy and depressed egg," what you are seeing there is the egg yolk which forms his body (the white is more often the bed he won't get out of). Yeah, it's a little peculiar but I admit I was kind of excited to get a Gutedama tree ornament.

So here they both are, fulfilling their destinies:

Gutedama fulfills his destiny

Gingerbread man on tree

There were other things in the crate:

more stuff

A Hello Kitty pocket mirror, which I really like - it has a cover that folds down to protect the mirror, and it's a good size to keep in a purse. And Hello Kitty makes everything better. And there's the little Hoppe Chan, this time a pin. And a Sumikko Gurashi pen, and some My Melody stationary. (Which looks a LITTLE juvenile, but whatever. I might still use it. My niece is a little young for such things and I'm not even sure she likes the kind of cutesie-poo stuff like this (some little kids don't) or I'd consider passing it on to her.

The single biggest item was this:

dolphin pillow

A dolphin-shaped neck pillow for traveling. (I am considering taking her along, as much for psychological as for physical comfort. I might be able to quickly sew a loop on to her so I could carabiner her to my carry on if I couldn't fit her inside.

(No, no name as yet. Serena? Marina? Maybe. Sylvia. I like that better. (Yes, it's silly and twee, but I feel like stuffed things need names)

And here she is, on.

Edited to add - after wearing her for a bit, I find it's a very nice comfy thing. I think I WILL take her along, even though I also plan to tote a couple of Emotional Support (stuffed) Ponies in my carry on.

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