Thursday, November 16, 2017

in the news

I just heard this afternoon that the board in my state that governs things like legislative compensation voted to issue a nearly 9% pay cut to Legislators.

You might remember, with the furlough days I withstood in Spring 2016 amounted to about a 9% pay cut. (I will refrain from mentioning the essentially-50% pay cut for summer teaching that year).

But, I don't know. There seems to me something quite....poetically just....about this action, given the dithering on the budget.

In fact, I have the perfect .gif to sum up my reaction:

Well, another character from that show might have another perspective:

Yeah, I don't know. Most of the folks in the Legislature, I think, have side careers where they earn more money....more than I do, even without the 9% pay cut I weathered.

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