Monday, November 06, 2017

hair getting therapy?

So I said I was going to buy a hair masque or something as my "indulgent spa day thing"?

I did. It's called "Long Hair Therapy." (Yes, I may need it, but apparently my hair gets it). It's a weird shower cap type thing full of goo:

You leave it on for 15 minutes (after shampooing like normal), then rinse it out.

We'll see. My Inner Scrooge McDuck is going "Lass, ya coulda done the same wi' a coupla tablespoons of mayonnaise and an ol' towel" and he may be right. Maybe I try that next time.

Then again: I don't have enough new experiences in my life and this is definitely a new one. (And the temporary hair dye seemed like a bad idea; fuchsia highlights probably would have got me a talking to from some administrator about "being distracting in the classroom")

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