Sunday, September 03, 2017

Weekend goals update

Well, thus far I have done:

#2 (Friday night) and perhaps I can put off hair-washing again until tomorrow after weeding - I have dry hair and even in warm weather, unless I'm really exerting, it doesn't get dirty fast.

#3, to a certain extent.

#4, as you could see from yesterday's post.

#6, though pretty much exclusively on my home office, which was BAD, and I am reminded again (as this is where I store my yarn) that I have far, far too much yarn and should ban myself from buying any more for quite a while, until I've either used up, given away, or sold some of what I have. (vague idea of selling yarn on Ravelry and if I make more than $20 or so, donating the money to the Houston Food Bank or some other group doing Harvey relief). I also posted on Twitter that people who like sock yarn could rip me off for a skein if they sent their address and favorite color....because I really have accumulated a lot, far more than I will ever use. (And donating it to "knitters who lost everything" does not seem a good idea, not at this point - better to let people get their lives totally sorted out and then, if I know of someone who would appreciate yarn in the mail that way, send on a couple of skeins. I know they say "donations of goods are less useful at this point than money" and also in some cases money is extra good because it goes to help keep local businesses going during a rough time, if it's spent locally to help locally).

I did also find a couple of "sometime near future projects" - the Berroco blanket kit I got for my birthday in either 2016 or 2015 and never started, and also a skein of a pretty blue sock yarn that I am going to use for a pair of simple, ribbed fingerless mitts.

#8 also got done.

As for knitting - I'm within a few rows of the hem of Grasse Matinee and might go do that in a bit (I want to clean some in my kitchen first and maybe put a load of sheets in the wash), and I mmmmmight start Great Horn-rimmed tomorrow after weeding. (Plans are to weed "early," though I am not sure how EARLY early is. If I can haul myself out of bed around five I might do a workout first, before my student calls to let me know she's on her way).

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