Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Pony acquisition post

Mostly, the "hard part" of this week is over. Today was a long day, with a full day's teaching, and trying to fit in the various little things (printing an exam, writing a homework) I needed to do in addition. And it was Elder's and Board meeting tonight, though this was a board meeting where we laughed some (there have been some tense ones in the past, when we were between ministers or were in big financial trouble). We are going to (probably) be sending 10 clean up buckets down to Houston, and we're going to donate some money to a church down there that needs funds to rebuild after being flooded.

It's good to be able to laugh, and also to reach out rather than be worried so hard about our future survival.

Anyway. My latest two ponies came today - a G1 and a G3. Yes, I keep buying these, but I figure - it's not a huge expense, it makes me happy, there are a lot of things I don't spend money on.

First, the G3. She's one I've wanted for a while - Kimono. Apparently in some of the comics/picture books she was kind of a serious and studious ponies, and could almost be (if brought into G4) one of the "Pony Elders" like I would imagine some of the ponies of that wave (like Wisteria) would be.

She has a pretty color scheme - a pinkish purple with darker purple hair. And she has tinselly hair. (And yes, the "G3 scent" is a thing - this is from a different seller than my other G3s but she also has that almost-slightly-floral scent. I'm sure it's the plastic but it's not a "plasticky" smell. I can't quite describe it.)

And then a G1 - Whizzer. This is one of the twinkle-eye ponies. The "backstory" from the comics is apparently not so very happy (the G1 comics are very much of a different era - much more fairytale type violence, and much more "perilous" situations. I guess kids in the 80s were made of sterner stuff? I do think there was perhaps a bit less bubble-wrapping of our entertainment than there is for current kids....though then again, there's a lot of stuff aimed at tweens/teens now that I would not let a small child watch, because of rudeness on the part of characters, and I wouldn't want a rude-voiced child).

But anyway. The backstory on these was that they were ponies that were kidnapped by trolls? Dwarves? I forget - and taken underground to work in the mines, where they went blind from lack of light. But when they were rescued (Applejack, in her G1 form, was one of the rescuers) their eyes turned to jewels and they magically regained their sight.

Whizzer is a fun pony - I like her colors, I like her sparkly eyes, and she has a cutie mark that is those goofy beanies with the propellers on the top (Do they even still make those? Do kids today know what those are?). The person I bought her from (Ponies in the Sun on Etsy) said her tail was a replacement but it's the exact colors of the original so it's not even noticeable. (Sometimes the tails got pulled out, and sometimes they got rusty because originally a thing like a washer that was made of metal held them in place, and of course, if you took your ponies "swimming" as a kid, water could get in and cause the rust).

I like her pose, too - looks like she's about ready to take off:

And then finally, my favorite thing from the new Doki Doki box:

It's a duck blanket! Well, a blanket that looks like a duck, not a blanket for ducks. You untie the yellow ribbon and it unrolls into a surprisingly-large lap blanket.

There was also a Hello Kitty toothbrush holder that I am going to use to replace the 25 year old one that I've had since I was a college student....and a Kumamon pitcher and microfiber cloth:

I cannot BELIEVE how cute the artwork is on this.

Kumamon cracks me up because he's so silly looking. He's the mascot for Kumamoto prefecture in Japan, but I know him best from the silly gif that sometimes shows up on Twitter:

There was also one of those silicone tea strainers in there, shaped like a strawberry:

So, lots of useful things, but also cute things, which is the best. (The October crate is supposed to be "creepy cuties" and I'm hoping there's at least one cute plushie in there - I still love those, though I suppose the duckie blanket qualifies for this crate.)

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