Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Devil or angel?

A few days ago, Purlewe asked me if I'd seen the Tee Turtle Minis.

I had not, and even though I don't NEED more stuffies, I wound up ordering the "diamond white" Narwhal and the angry pink unicorn. They came today.

And I realized an old cartoon trope works with them.

Forgive the lack of makeup and still mostly-wet-hair. It's been....a day.

I can't remember which shoulder the angel sits on and which the devil sits on, but I went with right (angel) and left (devil) (MY right and left, sides will be swapped in the photo) because of "sinister" being left*.

(*There is an old joke about someone writing a college paper about the "Left Behind" book series, and they used a thesaurus to find more "fancy" words for their paper, and so the book title came out "Sinister Buttocks." Probably not something that actually happened, but still funny)

But yeah. My mood today has probably been closer to the angry unicorn than the peaceful/happy narwhal.


anita said...

Actually, you look really nice without makeup. More rested.

purlewe said...

Oh they do look cute. I hope they are nice and squishy.