Sunday, September 10, 2017

At last, sleeves

Yesterday was a super busy day - the editing work, and Margaret's memorial, and watering the field plots, and mowing the pretty much all I did were "must do" things rather than "want to do" things (which seems to be a common thread in my life of late).

Today, though, I did manage to do some knitting - finished up the hem of the Grasse Matinee and picked up for the first sleeve:

trying again

It's going to take a while; it's something like 65 rounds before even the decreasing is done, and the sleeve is supposed to work up to 27 cm (about 11 inches; I presume that is from the underarm point - these are supposed to be 3/4 length sleeves).

The stripes came out sort of random (there's one broad one right across the bust; that's where the bulk of the raglan increases fell) but I don't mind too much; this was done as a "proof of concept" of the pattern before I knit the one of the brown tweedy yarn that I originally bought. (This is a Deborah Norville "Serenity" sockyarn, bought super cheap on closeout). It will make a decent knockabout sweater if nothing else, or something to layer under other things on really cold days (and since it's sockyarn, I suppose I can throw it in the washer on gentle, meaning I could occasionally wear it next to the skin as a first layer, rather than over a thin t-shirt as I often do with sweaters I don't want to have to wash EVERY time I wear them)

This MIGHT be my invigilating project (it has been so far) but I will need to remember to grab one of my sets of size 3 dpns for when the diameter gets so small it's uncomfortable to do on the short circular.

This week is going to be busy - tomorrow night is the CWF salad supper (this time - I just went to Pruett's and bought a cheese plate and a bunch of fruit because I doubted I'd feel like fixing anything elaborate after a full day of teaching and other stuff) and Wednesday is the monthly Board meeting, and I give those two exams, AND I have to try to finish the editing and also wrap up my material on the history and structure of the EPA for the new class. So I don't anticipate much knitting :(

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