Tuesday, August 01, 2017

still feeling melancholy

I did all my piano practice for today, and I did the dvd workout and showered. I'm waiting for dinner (leftover chili made over the weekend) to heat up.

I still feel....I don't know. Not quite sad, maybe a little bit "meh," a little bit disappointed in my summer. I think also a lot of this environmental-law reading is ironically dredging up childhood memories - I was reading about DDT today and remembered how people told me when I was a kid that bald eagles would be extinct by the time I was an adult. (They were wrong, which is a GOOD thing, and in fact I've seen a few eagles occasionally - mostly up along the Illinois River - and it's always exciting to me to see one because I remember that dire prediction). But dredging up one childhood memory (and just memories of the 70s in general, a lot of the legislation was made then) reminds me of a lot of childhood stuff - some of it bad, some of it good but stuff I'll never have again, and it makes me kind of.... I don't know.

Hugging a Pony helps a little. (The Dr. Whooves I made a while back - because he's bigger than most of the Ponies I've made and therefore more satisfying to hug.

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Lynn said...

Where did the summer go?! It feels like it just started a couple of weeks ago. But, at the same time, it feels like 4th of July was a really long time ago. Time is weird.