Sunday, August 13, 2017

post-sweater letdown

Maybe part of it is it's so hot out (and it's incredibly humid). Maybe part of it is events of the world (as I said on Twitter: I feel like I have aged five years in this past week). Maybe part of it is that the collar came out a little tighter than I had hoped - I have to take my glasses off to take the sweater on and off (suggesting it is not so great for on-campus wear, where one room might be 55 F and another might be 80 F - all on the same day)

But yeah, I finished Hagrid. I have one skein of the yarn (and a bit of the skein I used to finish the last sleeve and the neck) left.

(Also, you can see why thinner-yarn sweaters are better for me than aran-weight, like this one is - it makes me look kind of "poochy" and I dislike that*)

(* and yeah, yeah, I know: it's my gut that makes me look "poochy," not the sweater, but I think the sweater draws attention to it).

hagrid 2

hagrid 1

Maybe this is why it takes me forever to finish something: once it's done, I can see flaws in it that I was able to overlook while I worked on it.

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anita said...

That's a lovely sweater; I wish I could do cables like that! And the color looks really good on you.