Thursday, August 10, 2017

Good mail day

Several things I was expecting came today.

An order box from Ulta - there is a new line of My Little Pony-inspired nail polishes (and yes, apparently for adult, or at least teen, women). Two of them had that teeny tiny holographic glitter that I love so much, and so I ordered them: "Hey Girl, Hey" (which I am wondering is Trenderhoof trying to speak to Applejack). It's a slightly milky white with glitter. (I am not sure how these will look on - they have a tiny bit of clay in them that is supposed to strengthen your nails).

The other one is "Where's the Party Cannon At" and it's Pinkie-Pie-Hair pink, with glitter.

My plan, next time I change out polish (certainly for the start of classes) is to put the pink one on my toes - where a stronger color works better (most of my warm-weather dress shoes are open toed) and the "Hey Girl, Hey" on my fingernails. (I like a little color there, but something v. subtle - I think it looks better, is less distracting, and also it shows chips and wear less, which is a thing - sometimes I think nail polish is partly semiotic; you are effectively saying "I do not need to do heavy work with my hands" when you have an elaborate manicure)

I got a couple other things - that "Unicorn's Mane" hair pomade I use to try to keep down frizz, and a new shower cap, and some fancy-fancy hairclips.

I did that instead of driving down there because I've found the local Ulta doesn't always have the newest stuff on the website, and really, it's *easier*

My Doki Doki box also came.

One thing I probably can't use - a snack pack of "caramel corn" (think: something kind of like sweet Cheetos, only harder). I can't eat hard crunchy things any more - my bite is all jacked up and I worry about my fragile teeth. I may have to find someone to share these with. Or maybe I try soaking them in milk to see if they become edible to me.

There were good things in the box, though. This is my favorite:

A wee little (maybe 4 ounces) Studio Ghibli mug with totoros on it. It's plastic, which means it makes a good replacement for the bathroom toothbrush mug I have had - and have been using since fall of 1987 when I started college. This one is cuter.

And I got a plushie in this box, which is always good.

A small round birb. I think he's supposed to be an owl? Maybe? I haven't named him yet. He's made of a very soft plush and has something that's either a bandanna or a backpack on.

 There was also some Cinnomoroll (a dog character that I thought was a bunny at first) stationery, and the Hoppe-Chan, and a little pen shaped like a vitamin pill...(apparently pill-shaped things - like capsules - are a popular shape for things like that in Japan).

And this:

It's a "lucky bow" with constellations on it. Like what Japanese schoolgirls wear, they say.

It's cute, but I haven't been a student since 1999, and probably haven't counted as a "schoolgirl" since perhaps 1987, so....I probably won't be wearing it.


IT WORKS. It so works. (I will probably have to shorten the "ties" by removing the clasp and cutting it off shorter and putting the clasp back on if I want it permanently for this, but yeah. I like it a lot)

This is maybe a little better shot.

I guess I have to turn off my reading lamp to get better webcam shots.

I also got my newest-old-pony today. This one was apparently known as Snookums in the US, and by the much more interesting name Baby Welliboot in the UK, so I am keeping the Baby Welliboot name.

I think he's a boy despite the eyelashes - something about him just says "boy" to me:

The mane and tail are that "fading pink" and have mostly faded but I don't really care because he's so cute.

And he's a drink and wet, see:



Wet. (Cheeky. He's showing his bunghole.)

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purlewe said...

I always love doki doki box days. Thanks for sharing.