Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Friends and pets

This is for anita, who commented on my post about the Strawberry Shortcake dolls. I have three of the two-doll sets (they are made by "Bridge Direct"). All were purchased on pretty good discounts at Target - they seem to get these in in small numbers but maybe the Target nearest me doesn't have as big a collector/nostalgia market as some places?

(I have also seen them for sale on Amazon but they are more expensive there)

Anyway. I have three Strawberry Shortcakes (but in different dresses) because each "friend" came with a version of her:

strawberry and blueberry

The first set I bought - back around Christmas of last year - was Strawberry and Blueberry Muffin. They both came with their pets - Custard the cat and Cheescake the (I think it is?) Mouse.

This spring, they had these:

strawberry and huckleberry

Huckleberry Pie and Strawberry Shortcake (and again, Custard, and the dog is Pupcake.) This is closer to the original outfits they wore - the "other" Strawberries I have ("Cousins, identical cousins"?) are in something more like a party dress.

There are some subtle differences from the originals - the original Strawberry Shortcake I had had a hat that was like a cross between a bonnet and a mobcap, and I think the original Huckleberry Pie had a molded-plastic hat. (Oddly, on the company's website they show Strawberry wearing the hat I remember her as having. I don't know if they changed it pre-release or if I have an earlier release that didn't get the hat....)

And another set with party dresses:

strawberry and lemon

This time the "friend" is Lemon Meringue and if I remember correctly, her frog's name is Frappe.

I've also seen a Raspberry Tart (on amazon) by herself, but they wanted more than these two-doll sets cost at Target so I probably won't get her unless I find her somewhere else for a better price.

As I said, I hope they make more of these. I would be happy to collect the whole set. Even if it meant getting a small army of Strawberries in different outfits...


Another thing - I never photographed the finished Gamekeeper's Scarf "on."

This is just a quick photo but you can see it's a relatively wide scarf:


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anita said...

Oh, thank you! I had no idea . . . I never go to Target (an hour away in Asheville, over the mountain, and not near anything I frequent when I go there), but I definitely will next time I have business over that way.

Lovely scarf, too.