Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Well, that's better

The meeting is over, so I don't have to worry about it any more.

(The two main things I was concerned about worked out as I had hoped they would - maybe that was how they were meant to work out, then. We renewed an important contract, so stability, yay, and we also voted to resolve an ongoing financial thing tied up with the fact that apparently at one point the accountant we used wasn't doing things....entirely above board. Which, is especially not cool when you're talking about a church, but whatever, it's resolved).

Part of the issue - and the reason I am always anticipatorily dreading these meetings - is that in a small church (so few people available to volunteer) and that is often financially strapped (so hard to hire and keep people, and something like the AC going out is a big bad deal) - they often tend to be fraught. We've also had, in the past, our share of disagreement, which I don't cope well with - I don't like seeing two people I care about arguing, and I don't like feeling like maybe I need to take sides.

We don't meet in August (we take it as a "vacation month") so for a while I'm free of that concern.

I also found out why my older friend-from-church's memorial service has been so delayed. I don't want to air dirty laundry so I will just not that Sometimes Family Members Are Difficult and Sometimes They Want What They Want Even If The Person They Are Honoring Would Not Have Wanted That.

(I think my parents have done pre-planning. I certainly hope they have but even if they didn't I know them well enough to know what would and would not be their wishes, and I'm going to do what they would have wanted)

I wasn't hungry at dinner time because of being hot and tired and bummed out about having to go back out so I ate a very minimal dinner (mainly to get in a couple servings of vegetables for the day) but now I have fro-yo.

So things are better. (No, I am not going to eat all of that in one sitting; that's why I got a pint - I can put the rest away and have it another day).

And now I can relax. Hopefully my student will be better tomorrow, both for her sake (I worry a bit about people when they're not well) but also for mine.

And I started a new project. The new Knit Simple had a very simple (it's in the name) moss-stitch wide scarf to be made of superbulky yarn, and I thought "Hey, I have some really old Rowan Big in my stash, wonder if I have enough?" and as it turns out, I do, so I'm making a big chunky moss stitch scarf. In bright pink. I might keep it, or, if a charity seems to need it I might donate it, or I might give it as a gift - but at any rate, it's nice restful knitting and it gets something out of my stash.

But I might just go to bed early tonight, I don't know.

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Purlewe said...

Yay! For all of those things.