Monday, July 31, 2017

well, heckin' darn

So I finished all the increases on my second sleeve. Thought "yay, it's time to bind off" but then thought "first better check against the second sleeve."


I still have about 30 rows to do - I forgot I had knitted for a while (to make it long enough) after I had finished where I wrote out the increases. (I wrote down which rows I increased on, to be sure to get the sleeves to match). So more knitting, but at least I know how much farther. And it would have been bad if I'd bound it off too short.

We did all the weeding (all 16 plots) this morning. For two reasons:
1. My student doesn't have to be at work until late today
2. It might be raining tomorrow.

And anyway, it was less hot today, so it was just good to get them done.

We also discovered 2 of the plots now have resident black widow spiders. We just left them (if I had had a paper cup or something I would have tried "rehoming" them - I had gloves on) but we'll have to remember that for next time.

I really smell like wet dog now (have to go home and change) because I just put on the same pants I wore last night to work in the yard, and I cut out a lot of fringed twinevine which has sap that smells like wet dog (or burning rubber, or really, really foul BO, depending on who you ask).


So classes start in three weeks. Part of me wants to put on an extra burst of energy and do those one or two last presentations I need to do (on RIFRA and also one on "protecting species"), part of me wants to just slack and take some time off. So I don't know. (And actually, it's really two-and-a-half weeks because I'm committed two and a half days before classes start because of meetings, bleargh.)

I didn't have as much fun and relaxation this summer as I planned on (remember when I said "I'm gonna take weekends off but also at least one day during the week?). I had SOME. And I could still get some.

Even though I have Too Much Yarn Already, I am contemplating doing a Whitesboro trip maybe next weekend (or even this Friday, when Lovejoy's would be serving lunch). Or doing an antiquing trip in and around Sherman and Denison.

I do wish we had more fun things closer - a yarn shop, and a real bookstore, and especially a "nice food" shop that has things like good cheese and the like. I can make do with the Green Market in Sherman, they have some things - but their cheese selection is kind of small. And it is kind of a drag to drive that hour's round trip for anything. (Especially given the traffic that exists now - though that's another reason to go Friday middays when I can; Saturday morning and early afternoon traffic is dreadful.) And also, the trip to Whitesboro - once I get onto 56 or whatever it is off of 75 - is not bad, much less traffic and reckless drivers.

And I just LIKE Quixotic Fibers. The people who run it are friendly. It is a pleasant place to go and browse. It makes me happy to be there. (I suppose the other idea is to go with the idea of a little charity yarnbombing of people who need a little love, rather than buying more yarn for myself...)

ETA: If I DO plan on going, it should be Friday. For one thing, less traffic. For another - Saturday PONY HIATUS ENDS and it's the US showing of the "Apple Parents" episode. I've held off trying to find it online but I really want to see it - I am curious how they deal with the "the parents aren't here" bit, whether it's strongly hinted they're dead (as most fans believe) or if they figure out some other workaround like "they're off on business." (Confession: I would honestly prefer the "strongly hinted they're dead" because the idea of parents being gone, like, forever? And never trying to get home? That's almost worse.... and surely there are some kid-viewers in that situation, being raised by grandparents or other relatives because their parents are deceased....)

(If you've seen it, no spoilers please.)

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