Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wednesday afternoon random

Mail today was odd.

The bad: a solicitation from one of the local funeral homes. I get the whole idea of pre-paying,'s unsettling to get an ad in the mail. (And yes, I probably should figure something out; one CAN get hit by a car or some such, even if one doesn't want to think about that).

The good: PONY MAIL!

This was from a fairly new seller on Etsy (All The Ponies) and I am pretty happy. I think the curls are original so even though they're a little messy, I'm not going to mess with them too much:

Cherries Jubilee, the namesake for the plump cherry-orchard-owning pony in G4. (I like how G4 does those little callbacks - I suspect some of the parents of the child-fans were kids themselves who had the G1 ponys. Or, shoot, the grandparents - I am old enough to have a teenaged grandkid if I had had a baby in my early 20s and that child had a child in THEIR early 20s....and the girls who played with G1 would only be 4-5 years younger than I am).

this is a color scheme I didn't have a pony in yet, and I just liked her, and she was inexpensive enough.

I really need to get proper shelving for my Ponies. I made room for the Monster High dolls on the top of one of the bookcases in my bedroom but I also want to put up some wall shelves for them. The problem is finding ones I can hang without too much wall-anchoring (so: not very heavy shelves). The bedroom has wallpaper over paneling, which tells me the plaster underneath may be trashed. (The rest of the house seems to have been re-done with drywall, and not so perfectly either - I can see the seams).

I dunno. My ponies and my Monster High dolls just make me happy. I can't explain why. I suppose it's that they are something relatively uncomplicated. 


I'm also thinking about crocheting YET ANOTHER earlier-gen pony: going to look in my stash and see if I have some white yarn, and bright yellow....and I might make a G4-ized Surprise (with the "spiral curls" for her hair like I did for Elinor. And I confess, I'm also considering doing a bunch of curls in a bright pink and replacing the hair on my Pinkie Pie. The boucle was nice, but it seems like it's not holding up so well, and I don't want a bald Pinkie. I don't know. I might make Surprise first and see how I like the all-over bouncy curls).

Suprise was the original model for Pinkie in the Friendship is Magic series, but then they decided to use Pinkie instead, and changed that character from a pegasus to an Earth pony. 

and if I have the yarn in-stash, all it will cost me will be time...


Even though I'm supposed to limit salt (and I try hard to), I've been craving saltier things of late. Today I broke down and bought some deli roast beef to make a sandwich for dinner, hoping that takes care of my craving (I really wanted a deli-made roast beef sandwich but we don't have a good deli here).

I know the old thing about "you crave what your body needs" is mostly hogwash, but I wonder if I've been having some electrolyte issues this summer and maybe even went hyponatremic (a little) at one point: I had one evening where I got VERY shaky on my feet getting out of the shower and I had to be careful for the rest of the night.


And yes, once again I'm grateful we now have Pruett's. We still have the same people who shop there as used to shop at the old place (entire families forming a "flying wedge" maneuver that blocks an entire aisle, or, as I saw today - people walking in a line six across going out the door so I had to step back for a moment and let them pass before I could go in) but at least the store is now cleaner and has a better selection and I am looking forward to the renovation that will make it look a bit prettier (I hope).

And yes, I know, this brands me TOTALLY as what someone I know calls "bougie," but you know, it matters to me. When I may go SO FEW places in a week (home, work, church, and grocery store are all the places I go some weeks), it does kind of make a difference to have  a place to shop in that's not aggressively ugly. (That's part of what bothers me about wal-mart: high echoey ceilings, and God help you if you go there with a headache on a day when there are kids testing out the echoes by screaming, little iPad tv things on the endcaps blaring ads, pallets of stuff blocking the aisles....and the other day, when I was in there, it was so DARK that I wondered if they were having a power outage. I think it was that they had the lights turned down and it was overcast so little natural light was coming in the skylights, but it was a little eerie. I mean, I know: good on them for saving energy but...)

But anyway. Also the people who work at the Pruett's seem pretty nice, and are less surly than the average wal-mart clerk. (That suggests to me working conditions there are better than at wal-mart.)


I also want to start a new sweater soon. I'm thinking of a cabled sweater that is in (I think) New England Knits and some honey-colored yarn I have for it deep in the stash, and it would be good to start working down my stash.

(I think secretly I hope working on fall/winter things will call down cooler weather - it's been pretty awful here this week and while I'm grateful to have good air conditioning in the house, it's not much fun to leave the house).

But I need to finish a few more things first, I think.

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