Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Things in progress

I dunno. I am kind of in the doldrum point of summer, coupled with being exhausted from five nights in a row of limited sleep (Storms, storms, fireworks, fireworks, "I don't know if that's fireworks or cannon fire but I just want it to stop"). I am hoping my neighbors blew up all their loud stuff last night because I can tell my thinking and emotions are impaired from lack of sleep, and today may well end in tears for me.

But anyway. As I say periodically, I do still knit. Here are the three things I have most-actively been working on. You may sense a color theme here:

Grasse matinee

This is the Grasse Matinee pullover. I still have some inches left to do on the body. I have been using this somewhat as a knit-and-read project, but it is increasingly difficult to find a position in which I can both see the book comfortably and hold the knitting comfortably.

I'm....getting a little sick of this one; I will be glad when it is time to switch to the sleeves.

Rosa rubiginosa socks

Rosa rubiginosa socks (I think I got the species name wrong earlier, but Rosa rugosa is a species I am more familiar with) from Hunter Hammerson's "Cabinet of Curiosities" book.

This is the first of the pair; I just finished the "toe pattern" (really: top of the foot pattern, because I now knit plain until I get to the toe.)

Thistle stole

And this is the Scottish Thistle stole. I'm having a few problems with the yarn; I cannot tell if it's one that got munched in the carpet-beetle infestation I had eight or ten years ago (yes, I've had the yarn that long) or if it's just weak yarn (I HOPE not; it's a Lorna's Laces), but I keep finding breaks in it.

I am also slightly worried I may not have enough, but if that happens, I will just knit the second piece a bit shorter and have a slightly asymmetrical shawl, which will bother me, but there's not much else I can do - this is yarn from before the company changed hands and I am sure the colorways are done differently now, and I'd never get yarn to match. (This is color Purple Iris). I bought more than the pattern called for but it's starting to look to me like it's not quite enough.

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