Thursday, July 27, 2017

some new friends

Came home at lunchtime. Applied tea, chocolate (forget trying to reduce for one day) and Omega-3s (in the form of a salmon-salad sandwich) to myself. I feel a little better. I also feel happier because "new friends" arrived in the mail:

two pones

Yes, I am expanding a bit into G3 here. (For non-pony-heads, G1 ran from roughly 1982-1992, G2 in the US from 1997-1999 but were much more common in Europe, G3 from 2003-2009 with part of that time being the odd bobblehead ponies collectors call G3.5, and then G4 - the current one - began in 2010. In a way, the reboot toys are almost a G4.5....)

I had kind of wanted a Toola Roola (who is G3 only) for a while, then I found one.

(G3's are even less expensive, at least in standard condition, than G1s - I think I paid $4.50 for Toola Roola).

Here she is:

toola roola

Her cutie mark ALMOST looks like a triskelion, and I know some collectors jokingly refer to her as "Toora Loora" like the line in the old Bing Crosby song.

I guess her talent is painting - in the cartoons her cutie mark looks more like a paintbrush, and I seem to remember one of the "movies" having her being particularly good at art.

As it turns out, she's apparently (in the Ponyverse) good friends with the other pony I got in this lot - Sew and So. I bought her mainly because of her sewing themed cutie mark, but it is nice for Toola to have a friend.

sew and so

Both of these guys have magnets in a front hoof - a common thing in G3 (I think some of the playsets had actions that were activated by that).

I also am kind of blown away by the fact that these were being made and were in the stores when I was already working here, and already lived here - they seem so old to me, but that's probably because when I think of "Vintage My Little Pony" I think of the 1980s horses that were made when I was still more or less a kid myself.

And yeah, once again: It's kind of ridiculous how happy these things make me, but in a world full of ugliness and mean-ness, it's kind of nice to have some little things that are colorful and cute and that represent a world that is generally nicer.  (Most of the Pony cartoons seem to draw very heavily on the theme of being friends, and loving one another, and celebrating each one's individual talents...)

Also, the seller did the kind of thing that totally pleases my inner child, I am a sucker for this kind of thing:


Not so much the "thank you" (though that is nice, but I did pay for the ponies) but for the conceit that I have "adopted" them. 

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CGHill said...

One of my favorite "unknown" fanfic writers has done several stories in which Toola Roola plays significant roles, often working alongside an earlier incarnation of Cheerilee.