Saturday, July 29, 2017

Out and about

* Most exciting thing acquired today: 3/4 a yard of turquoise fleece, and smaller quantities of hot-pink and teal. For Princess Pony Head. I might start this tomorrow.

(I also bought heavy-duty sewing machine needles after seeing how much trouble the poor dude had cutting the fleece - I don't want to break one of the 14s I use for piecing on it).

(I also learned that apparently "jeans" in Spanish is "Tejanos" ("Texans"), which amuses me more than it probably should. The needles I got are rated for sewing on jeans...)

I printed out that pattern I linked to, and I think if I just expand it everywhere by an inch or so (and make the neck longer still - I may have to adjust the gusset, I will check), it will be about the right size. And I found some rainbow rickrack and other trim that will stand in for the "stars" that issue forth from her neck - they will be like long streamers.

I figured I had the right kinds of felt for the facial features....I think I have everything I need for this now.

* Bought a back-brush at the Ulta. I used to just sort of throw some body wash over my shoulder and call it good, or reach what I could with a washcloth, but this summer I've had more peeling skin/clogged pore issues (thanks, menopause!) so I figured maybe a back brush would help. Also got tea tree oil soap at the hippie store to see if that helps, too.

I got more of that peel-off face mask - have used most of the first tube. It does seem to do well by my face and it's kind of fun to peel it off when it's done its thing

* I also replaced my wearing-out and mud-stained khakis (that had been my dress khakis), so now I don't feel so bad about mudballing in them. Kohl's was surprisingly not-awful today, and I almost bought a long full skirt, but then decided no, it was a white background with pastel flowers and at the rate I tend to spill stuff, it's probably not a good idea.

I did get a new pair of capris that were on a good sale (and took a size smaller than I normally do, but I am not going to celebrate that because vanity sizing means everything grades up an inch or so every few years, so it doesn't necessarily mean I'm skinnier. The khakis I bought my "normal" size even though they were a bit loose because I prefer those to fit loosely, and I can always wear a belt)

* Saw my share of bad drivers, and again I express amazement that I drove 340 miles last weekend and saw far, far less of idiot driving than I do locally:

- going down, someone with a prominently-placed cross on their car, weaving VERY FAST in and out of traffic, cutting people off. I admit I yelled "at" them (had the windows rolled up so they'd never hear, anyway), "Don't drive faster than your guardian angel can fly!" which was probably pretty mild, considering how badly they were driving. I would also observe that it doesn't seem terribly loving of one's neighbors to be that impatient on the road.

But what do I know? Maybe they were running late for work and had been warned if they were late again they'd be fired, whatever.

- someone who refused to yield (by moving over into the EMPTY lefthand lane) when I was trying to get back on to go home, meaning I had to slow down coming off the ramp and it was awkward.

I also overheard the sort of sad-making conversation you hear. Two women met up in the Kroger's and were talking, one said, "Oh, when does your son get out?" and my first thought was, oh, that's unfortunate her son is in the hospital. But as the conversation turns out he was not in the hospital. Nor was he in the military, though I more commonly hear "discharged" or "coming home" when someone is done with their tour.

yeah, there was discussion of finding him a place where he could live because apparently there were people he could not be near and....yeah. It's a big world and lots of sad stuff happens. (The woman in question seemed put out for her daughter for not wanting to share a house with him, but honestly? If a relative of mine had been in prison, my letting him live with me after would be VERY contingent on what he did and how likely I thought he might be to reoffend. ESPECIALLY in this era of asset-seizure, where there have been cases of people's houses being seized when someone who was not the owner but was living there committed a crime. It's good to be loving and forgiving....but sometimes you have to protect yourself.)

* Bought more food. Am going to try some of the pre-prepared (refrigerator case) beets that come in different flavors (I was unadventurous and went with "vinegar" though they did have "honey ginger," which I might try next time). And yeah, yeah, I know - I'm paying a premium for that. BUT I figure if paying that premium means I'm that much more likely to actually EAT the vegetables, then it's worth it - better to pay $1.50 or whatever extra for pre-done beets I can just pull out of the fridge and heat a little in the oven than get the raw beets that I have to bake for an hour before I can prepare them. (Also the cost of running the oven that long, and heating up the house, factor in).

I also bought some chicken nuggets by the same company that makes the little sausages that I like. They were low enough in sodium and didn't have anything I'm allergic to in them, so...

I also got more of the yellow-pea butter that takes the place of peanut butter in my diet now. I've really come to like it a lot; sometimes I even dig out a spoonful and just eat it like that as a snack or a "dessert."

I also have discovered - great happiness here - that I am NOT allergic to some component of rye bread. Or to salmon. I was afraid, because several weeks ago, when I made a salmon sandwich on rye, the next day I had stomach issues - which now, I realize, were probably a virus that never took hold. I have since made salmon salad twice and eaten it on rye with no ill effects. (So I got more of the "swirled deli rye" I like, and more of the little pouches of smoked salmon).

* I think tonight I am going to try to finish the knitting of the sleeve on Hagrid, and maybe see about blocking it (it will take a while to dry....) and then tomorrow, if it's not blazing hot (so my sewing room isn't too hot) maybe start Princess Pony Head.

* I also went and took my car to the local car wash. They have one of those "tunnel" washes where it pulls your car through and does the washing for you - these have been around for a while (I remember we used to occasionally do them when I was a kid, though more often my dad would hand my brother and me a bucket and a sponge and tell us to do it) but they've become fancier (and more expensive, but what hasn't?) of late.

I admit: it's one of the little luxuries I indulge in*. For one thing, I don't spoil my clothes doing it myself (I once ruined a t-shirt at one of those feed-quarters-in places because I got a dark smudge on it - I don't know what - that wouldn't come out). For another, it's just EASIER.

But it is kind of entertaining to run through the wash sitting in your car (and it helps me combat my claustrophobia, I say). And the guys who run the place - brothers, I think - are kind of like tag-team comedians and are always cheerful so I like to support the place. 

(*"Fear the third generation" was a line from one of the Gamache mystery novels I read, in re: families and money - the first generation strives and scrabbles to make it, the second generation saw that striving and appreciates it, the third generation has never known anything but comfort and "enough" money, so they waste it. And yeah, on my dad's side, my brother and I probably ARE the "third" generation - his dad scrabbled and worked hard and built up some wealth (some of the stocks I own are courtesy of him). My dad (and mom) were frugal when I was growing up but we never know WANT in the sense that a lot of people in this country know it - if I outgrew my shoes, there was money for a new pair; we always had enough healthful food - plain food, and mostly home-cooked, but enough and healthful. And I know in a lot of ways I am more spendthrift than my parents - all my "collections," all the books I buy instead of going to the library, and stuff like taking my car to the car wash instead of doing it myself (though I currently don't have a functional outdoor tap very near to my driveway). I know my mother audibly worries (at me) about "they're spoiling your niece" by buying her more things than my brother or I had, but...yeah. (And really - my niece is getting far more *experiences* than my brother and I enjoyed, by virtue of living in a place with more stuff for kids, and in a time where there IS more fun kid-stuff. And I don't think getting to go to a petting zoo a lot, or getting to go to the Air and Space Museum multiple times as a kid is "spoiling" in the way that indulging every material whim is....)

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