Tuesday, July 11, 2017

It's still hot

I managed to mow last night but that - followed by hanging out online - was about all I got done yesterday evening.

I can still mow lawns, even with my heightened heat sensitivity, but wow, do I feel it in my lungs - lots of sort of gasping for air, and lots of feeling my heart going way faster than it should. (I have read that beta blockers affect one's heat tolerance and I suspect that's true). I got the front yard done okay, took one break to sit on the stoop and drink some of the bottle of water I carried out with me. (I also poured a little out on the anthropoconglomerate* paver next to the sidewalk, hoping the bumblebees would see it if they needed water, but apparently they did not.

(*There is a sedimentary rock called conglomerate that looks like a bunch of pebbles cemented together. Well, this is a human-made paver in that style: that concrete stuff embedded with small roundish rocks for traction. Therefore, anthropoconglomerate)

The back yard was harder, but it always is. For some reason (more shade?) it seems to grow thicker and taller grass. Luckily, I also have an old metal lawn chair back there so I could mow a few passes and then sit down to let my breathing slow. (The dewpoint was 73, which I definitely was feeling - it was like I couldn't get enough air into my lungs).

I did wind up hearing my across the alleyway neighbor. I've long had problems with the various people who inhabited that house - some years back, the dude living their catcalled and propositioned me (sort of) while I was out working in my garden. Which is just wrong. I mean, it's wrong to have to be catcalled on a public street but it seems worse on one's own property. Now it's a different couple, they fight and yell at each other, and last night, the guy came home and yelled "Woman, where's my dinner?" as he went in the door - and no, I don't think it was one of those running-joke things some couples have where one person says something that sounds offensive but it's actually a big joke they both laugh about.

Yeah. "Woman, where's my dinner?" like it was the 1880s or something.

Sometimes I feel bad about being single. Yesterday evening was not one of those times because I was reminded there are things worse than coming home to a silent house and then having to cook your own dinner.

I do think I pulled that muscle in my side again - I seem to pull it every time I mow. Oh well.


Next week I do something for the first time ever. Every quarter, the church I belong to delivers Meals on Wheels (in my town, it's almost entirely a volunteer effort - the food may be paid for by the government, I don't know, but it seems most of the labor is volunteer). I said I'd do it seeing as I otherwise never can (and several of the regular drivers are out of town).

I have Thursday AND Friday. Okay, fine. (Normally people just get one day). I'm a bit apprehensive because I've never done this before, I may be doing it ALONE (shortage of people) and it's also going and talking to people I don't know and that's really scary. But it needs to be done so I'll do it.


I need to motivate myself to get some work done because I promised myself that I could knock off early this afternoon and do some sewing or knitting (I am taking a rest day from working out). I want to do more on the "birb" quilt.And maybe look over the Mary Engelbreit quilt (to check for water stains and to see what kind of pressing it needs) with an aim of getting it to the longarmer.

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Lynn said...

Ugh! The "heat index" doesn't really convey the reality of high humidity, does it? It's more than just the same temperature feeling hotter than it would at a lower humidity. The air just feels almost too thick to breathe somehow.