Friday, July 07, 2017

Friday morning things

* Probably NOT going to Sherman this afternoon; it's going to be death-hot again this afternoon. Probably better to put in more or less a full day of work (instead of a half-day today and one tomorrow) and go tomorrow morning. It does frustrate me that there's not a lot of "fun" shopping in town and even with the changeovers, the grocery stores are not particularly outstanding. Anyway, it's supposed to be cooler tomorrow, and it will be cooler if I go in the morning.

* Yeah, I'm starting to find this summer hard and part of it is, I think, the lack of in-person contact with people. As much as I present myself as an introvert and as frustrated I get with people (and as much as I'm worn out by Too Many People), no contact with people is difficult too.

* Next week, no piano lesson as my teacher is visiting family. That's fine; I think I can maybe scale back a bit from the hour-a-day practicing for a few days.

* I need to finish one of the long ongoing projects, I think. I just need to put my backside in my chair and do it. (Increasingly, I find it hard to sit and "relax," I don't know why).

* Because I ordered....dun dun dunnn....more yarn. Loopy Ewe was talking about Cascade 220 discontinuing some colors they made, and while they didn't mention it as one of them, I had been considering getting some of the color called Then There's Mauve for a while. (I don't know if Cascade or Loopy Ewe named it). Mainly for the color, but I admit, partly for the name. I just had to find an appropriate pattern for it, so a little hunting around in my Ravelry library reminded me of Stefanie Japel's Cozy V-neck Pullover with Deep Ribbing. Also, because it's a more fitted pattern, it takes a bit less yarn than some....and I think it will be good out of the mauve. (And I think - I hope - Bea Arthur would approve).

*Yes, it calls for Aran weight and the Cascade is worsted, but there's not much difference there and with swatching, I think I can make it work. Aran is like heavy worsted. It's interesting the differences in UK and US yarn weights: in the UK, double-knitting is by FAR the most commonly called-for weight in patterns - I have no idea if it's the most common in the shops. In the US, the most common weight in the shops tends to be worsted. And that's slightly annoying if you don't have big, well-stocked yarn shops nearby and a pattern you want to make that calls for dk....Also, I think the fingering/4-ply/sockweight yarn tends to be less common here, even though much of our climate is warmer than the UK's (and we tend to have more aggressive indoor heating in the winter). I suppose it's some kind of idea that "Americans don't have the patience to knit sweaters out of 4-ply" or something, I don't know.

* I keep wanting to start new things, though. But I tell myself I must finish one of the existing things first.

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