Monday, July 17, 2017

Deeply regressive behavior

Pikachu arrived

He's littler than I anticipated but that's not a problem. (He's also not quite as soft as I'd like - it's not really fleece he's made of but more of sort of an interlock material).

But yeah. I dunno, I've kind of changed my mind on Pokemon after watching a few episodes. I used to be kind of "ugh, it's a little bit boring, isn't it?" and I also know someone who referred to it as "Cockfighting with anime creatures" and that kind of turned me off of it, but I don't know. It doesn't seem....quite as violent as all that. Maybe it's more like martial-arts type fighting, where in the contests you really don't hurt your opponent? I don't know.

And you have to admit, a lot of the creatures are cute. And the colors in the cartoon are nice (yes, that matters to me). And I have to admit the idea that the thing has been around for some 20 years (in either video-game or cartoon form) kind of appeals to me - one of the reasons I also like Hello Kitty is her longevity.

I admit - and this is the reason for the title - I played the video I posted on Friday and made Pikachu "dance" along with it (as much as he could - his arms are sewn down to his body so he can't wave them around). I dunno. It's the simple things.

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