Saturday, July 08, 2017

Big stuffed Totoro

If I didn't already have Pfred, I'd be tempted to do this:

That's really a pretty solid short tutorial on how to make a simple ('flatsy style") stuffed toy. It works well for Totoro, might not work so well for other critters. (I think if one wanted to make a big Pony, you'd need two body pieces, an underbody, and a separate head, probably with a head gusset).

(Using fleece is important: fleece doesn't ravel so you can do things like raw-edge applique the decorations on without worrying. Also fleece tends to be more "forgiving" than woven fabric is)

But it would be kind of fun to have a giant-sized Totoro (I'm a biggish person, so it would probably have to be 7 or 8 feet long, and proportionally wide, in order for me to be able to lie on it like that small woman is at the end of the video).

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purlewe said...

I would love one of these, and yet I know I don't need one.