Sunday, June 18, 2017

Winning "yarn chicken"

Yarn Chicken is what knitters/crocheters call it when they are close to running out of yarn for a project.

I was worried about this with the Elinor Dashwood pony. So much so that I had half-planned on going to Sherman this weekend (except then it was too hot) to see if I could find another skein of the yarn (and hope it was the same dyelot).

Got the head, ears, body done. Got the first three legs done.

Realized I had only a small amount of yarn - probably not enough - left. Grumbled to myself about "why didn't you buy a second skein? You ALWAYS overbuy for amigurumi and wind up with acrylic yarn left over, so much so that some day you'll have to do a scrap afghan."

Decided half-heartedly to check the bag where I had stored the yarn again just in case, but figured I would have to stop work until I could get to Sherman (and hope they still had that color in stock).


Yup, there was a second skein buried down there in the bag. So I have the same dyelot, no need for a trip out, no need to hope I can find more of the yarn.

It's not winning the way I hoped to win, but it's still winning.


I'd do the Success Kid pose, but I need a hand to hit the "shutter" button on the webcam, and I can't quite make my face do that expression.

So I might finish her legs tonight. Still not sure what to do for the manestyle - I might look up Regency style hairstyles but I'm thinking some kind of a bun,  maybe with even little crocheted "sidelock" curls. And I'm not sure how best to render a sketchbook cutie mark. But even if it doesn't look perfect, it's not like I'm trying to replicate an in-show pony, so it doesn't really matter.

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